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clamping routine

clamping routine

Ok, fellas, I’ve been reading as many of the threads as I can on clamping for girth. But I haven’t seen a clear consensus emerge yet about how much is enough — or too much. I’d like to use cableclamp clamping alone as my girth exercise. I’ve experimented with sets lasting from 5 to 15 min. I’ve varied the reps to total about 30 to 45 minutes of clamping per session. My main question is, is this something I should be doing every day or every other day? I would particularly like to hear from those who have experienced some gains. Thanks in advance.


I believe that you’ll see better results with daily clamping, rather than every other day. Be sure to take a day off when you need it though.

I clamp 5 days a week and take 2 days off. I’m seeing results this way especially in flaccid hang and flaccid girth. Which is a good thing. Because first comes flaccid gains then the erect gains come later.

Everybody is different, so take that in to consideration. Its really up to you to find that sweet spot on how much work you need to do to gain efficiently. Try different equations, but stick with one for a while before you go and try something else. Don’t work one week then switch the routine altogether, you will not see good results like that. Get a plan and stick to it for a few weeks and see if the results are coming in. If there not tweak your routine some and go at it again. Remember PE is not a overnight process. It takes a lot of time to get to know your dick very well. Some longer than others. This is all a part of the learning curve in PE.

Good luck with those gains, and especially clamping!

Thanks for the feedback, guys. I’m noticing about an 1/8” increase after only a week on the routine I spelled out above. Most of that is probably just swelling, though. I’ll start with the 5/day a week routine and see how that pans out over the next few weeks. I’ll post some progress pix at that point.

One last question, anybody have any thoughts about how clamping compares to pumping? I was reading one thread that seemed to suggest that they were similar in the end. I tried pumping a few years ago, but dropped it after a while when it started to interfere with my rigidity. Any clampers out there who’ve been at it for a while have any thoughts on this?

I have pumped and clamped, and still occassionally use my pump for a short session. I believe that clamping alone can be a good PE routine even for length, while pumping is only a good addition to your routine.

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