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Clamping Routine Attn:Big Girtha and anybody else who has gained from clamping

Clamping Routine Attn:Big Girtha and anybody else who has gained from clamping

I’ve been PEing on and off since I was about 15 (I’m 20 now) and have never made any solid gains. Jelqing just never worked for me and I won’t get into the huge story about that, but let’s just say it never did and I’ve tried a lot of different methods.

Anyway, I decided to go the route of clamping.

I have two Cable Clamps and I do at least one 15-20 minute session with one clamp on first then midway I add the second clamp on top of it. After all is done I ejaculate, I figured this wasn’t a big deal (is it?) and honestly not ejaculating would be a little harder.

Anyway my main concern is that people say that you can’t make length gains through clamping? I’m not expecting to do anything huge but.none at all? I figured that since your pushing the penis in all directions, you should be able to gain some length.

By the way I’m 5 3/4 x 5

rub: You’re doing three things wrong right off the bat.

One: you are staying too long in the clamp. In stead of 15 or twenty minute sets, do more ten minute sets with lots of dry jelqing in between.

Two: by using two clamps you are engorging less surface area of the tunica. Use only one clamp and push it as deep into the fat pad as possible. If you have no fat pad thank God and then press that clamp hard against the pubic bone and keep it there for the duration of the set.

Three: Ejaculating immediately after a clamp session undoes almost everything you have accomplished during the session. Try to hold ejaculations, edge but don’t shoot on girth days. If you can’t go that long try to abstain for at least a two hours after the last set.

After your clamp session slip on a peweight, golfweight or cockring. Try to stay as plump as possible for as long as possible. There is absolutely no reason why anyone following these guidelines shouldn’t gain girth and total penile volume. Your dick will get fatter and hang heavier. However, I seriously doubt you will ever gain any significant erect length from clamping.

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Girth days are every day, so that means I’ll never ejaculate?

I don’t get how ejaculation ruins gains? What’s done is done during the session, you’ve torn down walls I don’t see how passing semen through your urethra is going to undue all the cellular damage that was just done.

Also, how did you get your length gains?

It’s not the semen passing through your urethra that is detrimental to girth gains, it’s the limp dick that results from this. You want to keep your unit expanded as long as possible. I understand, you are 20, and the urge to ejaculate is much stronger for you than for us old folks. Just save the ejaculation for late at night, right before you go to sleep. It can be your reward for the day’s work! Do what BG says: Clamp for shorter sets, 10 minutes to 15 minutes max (I usually go for 15 minutes). Then jelq some. Then go another set. Do this as often as you can. Wear a soft cock ring, or something, after. You might even want to add some pumping. I like the combination of clamping and pumping.

Very few people have reported a tiny amount of length increase from clamping. But several have had success with length from pumping. However, the best exercise for length is hanging. Jelqing works for some people, but not for all. Try hanging.

i have always busted after PEing ive went from (low average - average) girth to a girth of (6 1/8th inches - 6 1/4th inches). then again that guy has gained a full 2 inches in girth i will never know my starting girth but it was definetly not more than 5.

Starting Stats: 6.5 Inches In Length By An Estimated 4.75 - 5 inches in girth

Current: 8.00 x 6-6.25 Inches In Girth

Goal: 8.75 length x 6.75 girth Although at this point seems impossible with slowing gains.

I definitely think supersetting clamping with pumping has great girth benefits just keep the sets to 10 min. Like BG said and keep the vacuum to no more than 5-6 Hg’s to save yourself from the donut and to not cause any erectile damage. 10 min clamp , 10 min hang, 10 min pump. Experimenting is the key!:)

By the way I use the TLC ventless tugger like supra to keep my penis extended as an ads instead of weights and have found it works wonderfully!! You should try it!! I can also hang 5 pounds off of it quite easily. I’m going to purchase a bib hanger though because I want to get serious about the weight I’m hanging. Big Girtha’s the man so listen to what he has to say because he knows what he is talkin about!! Oh ya BG which hanger should I get , the starter or the original? I’m over 6 inches girth when I’m hard and 6 inches long or so I’m not sure if I should just buck up with the original? Any input from you would be greatly appreciated !

You can lead a horse to water . . .

… but you can’t make him edge.
I’m only going to say one more thing regarding the masturbation bit then I’ll back off, simply because young guys are going to do it and will come up with all kinds of excuses to justify jacking off after a Girth session. The probably is Girth Work is pleasurable. I mean when you think of the mechanics involved: clamping, jelqing, pumping, all of these wet sports are practically masturbation to begin with. I know it is hard to mess with ones dick for an hour and not ejaculate, but you guys really aught to work on a little discipline here. One only has to look at a spent dick to see it is not as fat as one that has edged without ejaculation. But suit yourself on this matter. Just don’t cry to me when you can’t gain any girth.

Stump: If your mind is made up to buy a Bib, I think the starter is better than the original because you can move it up and down the shaft to clamp onto fresh places when skin soreness sets in, and it will be sore. Trust me. Also, after crushing your urethra in one spot you can move it up or down to a fresh spot while the injured place heals. :rolleyes: Sorry, I can’t resist the sarcasm. Bib is a brilliant man, and his contributions to this forum and to The Craft in general are landmark.

However, I honestly feel that clamp style hangers are dangerous and are really the old school. The only thing I ever gained from them was a bruised urethra, a ton of new PE skin, and maybe a little base girth. Vacuum is the way to go now, whether you buy Crash’s hanger, or Monkeybar’s or make your own. Actually hanging 5 pounds with the TLC is probably doing you more good than what you will accomplish with a Bib. Less weight more time and pulling from the tip is the key to flaccid length and base girth, as far as erect gains, you probably should ask someone else.

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I’m concerned not with the method…ANY method can be used to produce gains.

There is no magic in the methods…the magic is in proper application of time/forces vs rest.

Xeno has a very interesting thread going on right now…but to make it simple, let me suggest you read my thread on how to read the signs your body is giving you to help you get on track;

Physiologic Indictors (PIs) to help growth!

Further, if you really get the hang of clamping…theres a very high percentage shot that you will greatly limit your length gains.

If this is NOT what you want, I would suggest vacuum hangers like BG suggests….or better yet, go back to a newbie routine after reading my thread.

If you aren’t making progress AT ALL with jelquing and manual stretching, its most likely you haven’t learned how to get into the “growth zone” either by doing too much or too little…and most likely its too much.

Once you learn how to find that “zone” almost any method will be productive.

I suggest not clamping until you get your desired length.

If your prone to overtraining…clamping should definitely be a method to avoid.

Thanks for the advice BIG GERTHA, you just saved me 80 bones US !! I thought the bib was more comfortable than that but I should have known better. Who wants to crush their urethra anyway? Thanks for the advice on the bib! I think I will stick with the TLC because it works on vacuum too and promotes circulation. I will do a search for the other two vacuum hangers though.

BG, I know you’ve used Crash’s hanger with good results were you chosen to beta test monkeybar’s hanger? I haven’t seen monkeybar’s hanger available yet just wanted to know if I should wait for monkeybar’s or go ahead and get Crash’s hanger? Thanks.

Still waiting.


Yes. I was chosen as a beta tester for MB’s new hanger. He sent me two different sized heads to try, but I couldn’t get my dick into either of them. I think he said they were the regular sized head and the large. I understand he is working on a third size we jokingly called the Magnum or Girtha-head, but I haven’t received it yet so I haven’t been able to test this device. I think some of the other testers are testing the smaller sizes as we speak, but I’m not sure when it will be available. Perhaps MB Will chime in, however I doubt he will see this because it is a clamping thread and we are off topic. You might want to PM him and tell him to get the LEAD out;)

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No Nukes

This is interesting. I’ve been agonising for a while now over whether I should wait until I hit my final length goal before clamping (it’s a discussion I’ve already tried to initiate a couple of time)

I read in a thread by another guy (I don’t remember his name) who used clamping only (no other form of PE) and gained a clear inch in length.

My concern is that if I hit my length goal and then start clamping I may very well add another inch in length trying to gain the girth I want (which would put me over my desired length limit)

I’m guessing from what I’ve read above that the jury’s in on the whole clamping killing length gains issue, and that the conclusion is that clamping will slow length gains (this is a topic I’d love to see discussed at length by people who really know the ins and outs of the whole issue).

Right now I’m on a deconditioning break, but I’ve not seen any loss of length which I’m very very thankful for since I’ve worked my ass off to get these gains. I’m still at 7.5BPEL and want to stop at 8BPEL. I guess the question is whether I should definitely hold off on the clamping until I hit 8BPEL or whether I should clamp & stretch at the same time.

My pump just arrived and I’ve got an AutoExtender on standby for when my deconditioning break is over and I was planning on using them both within the same time period and supersetting the pumping with clamping, but now I’m second-guessing the plan, again.

I’m also wondering how deconditioning breaks affect length gains following an intensive clamping routine (i.e. does clamping really absolutely spell the end for length gains?)


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