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Clamping question

Clamping question

I haven’t been able to find anything on this little detail,

It says that clamping should trap the blood in the penis.

Yet when I clamp and loose erection, my penis looses blood while clamped.

Should it keep blood even when not aroused?

Am I just not having it tight enough?

Don’t clamp until you have done 3 months PE; it is very easy to injure yourself clamping if you are not properly conditioned.

The clamp has to be tight enough to cut off blood flowing out of the penis. It will scare you how tight the clamp has to be until you get used to it. Begin slowly and build up to ‘full-on’ clamping.

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I also lose my erection when I go in the clamp. Solution: continue stimulation and kegels!

Solution: If you’re not girthy enough use a thicker wrap.

Two clamps. Just the right amount of wrap. And a good porn on your computer. Cross your legs and squeeze. You can’t just sit there doing nothing and get gains. It’s not how PE works.

Well you actually don’t have to stimulate yourself if the clamp is tight enough. I’ve done 20/15/10 minute clamping and the only difference I can tell is the discoloration factor and this was without constant simulation. 10 minutes as tight as I can with a ace wrist wrap and I’m good.

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