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Clamping Kryptonite

Clamping Kryptonite

I trimmed my junk a couple of days ago and opted to shave the hairs that grow near the base of the shaft (but still on the shaft). Generally I pluck these but I was lazy and didn’t want to deal with the bother of one by plucking. Today, I woke up to the itchiest wang I’ve ever had and noticed three ingrown hairs on my shaft. What a great way to start the day =(.

Tried clamping and after the first set I noticed the areas where the ingrown hairs are became pretty much dark purple. I stopped as soon as the color became dark enough to start to worry me and don’t intend to continue until it’s mostly cleared up. I’ve had an ingrown hair in the same area a few years ago and I remember it taking a long time to go away.

Just wanted to share my grief with you all and warn against using the ol’ razor on the shaft if you’re a clamper and haven’t shaved that area in a while. The tweezers are a harsh mistress, but they serve you well in the long run.


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I just don’t have the guts to pluck I have to shave and I hear you on the itch and ingrown hairs. I get a lot of hair on my shaft about half way up from PE so I would be plucking all day to keep up.

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I use Nad’s - Ingrow Stop Solution after plucking or shaving now. It stops most if not all build up of ingrown hairs.

Give it a try maybe?

I had an ingrown hair one time before clamping and didn’t really notice it. After the session it was really dark and faded a bit in the next couple of days, but now a year later I still have a scar from it. Basically just a little brownish dot that’s quite a bit darker than the skin around it. After that I made sure to never clamp for a couple days after I shave, one or two of these dots isn’t a big deal to me. But if I got a whole bunch of them I think women would think I had an std or a skin condition, I don’t want that. Just be careful clamping when you have ingrown hairs, better a couple days off than a scar.

Unfortunately I feel your pain too. I’ve recently grown my hairs out on my shaft because I had such a bad reaction to shaving awhile back. I got like 3 or 4 ingrown hairs, which eventually caused a rash because I scratched the area so much.

I always find that after shaving in the shower, I use a little cream rinse, or hair conditioner, and this reduces the rash to a minimum. Also a little vaseline intensive care with vitamin e after your shower, really work it in, that works for me too.

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