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Clamping for months but no gain


4 months? Damn. I’ve been clamping for almost 2 months and I’m seeing some good gains. I’m normally about 5.2 EG but last night’s session I jumped to around 5.8-6 EG (wish it was my natural size).

My routine

5 min stretching
10-15 min ULI and Jelqing
10 min clamping 50-80% erection (don’t rush in it, add a few clicks every few 20-30 secs and pay attention to how your dick reacts, I try not to keep it at 100% cause I feel it won’t do any expanding and I don’t clamp down too hard because much blood won’t get through, kegel a lot and walk around if you can, also try holding back the clamp with one hand and edging with the other, focus on what you doing)
5-6 min break (ULI and Jelqing during this time period)
10 min clamping again
5-6 min break
35-45min cloth clamping (forgot who thought of this technique, works great though.. I use the same wrap as I do for clamping but I put tape around so it doesn’t come off, it’s kind of like clamping just less intense)

Just some advice, you can take it or beg Thunder to ban me for commenting in your thread. :)

Good luck on your gains!

I love clamping. But I would love it even more if I had significant lasting gains. I think my base girth is growing steadily but doubt that my mid is gaining.

I do 200 jelqs followed by 3 x 10-15 minute sets several times per week.

7.75 BPEL, 5 in. Mid-shaft, 5.5 in. Base


8.25 BPSFL

Experiment. Cut back or do more.

I wasn’t getting much in the way of girth because my hanging was interfering with it. Clamping wasn’t really doing me a hell of a lot of good because of this.

So I switched to just 20 minutes in the pump with 200 kegels during this time to put more blood in so that I get real engorgement not just lymph buildup.

Then I massage and go to clamping.

Clamping for me is three 10 minute sets with 5 minute massage breaks in between. I do three sets of this. And it takes a little over an hour because of the breaks.

I do this whole routine 3x a day for 3 days on and then take a rest day. It seems to be working for me. That’s 3 hours of PE/day. Eighteen hours/week.

Maybe something similar will help you?

Originally Posted by vkn1
I’ve been clamping for almost 4 months but have seen no gains in girth. I have tried intensities everywhere from just expanded but still very comfortable to extremely high pressure that was almost unbearable and somewhat frightening. I have tried different levels within this range for periods of several weeks in a row always with the same result of nothing. I have tried 3 10minute sets per day, 4 sets, 3 15minute sets, etc — all the common approaches. I am clamping very consistently 5-6 days a week. I am confident that I’m not overtraining as I have no negative PIs, no general indications that I doing too much.

I’m getting discouraged. A measly .05” gain by now and I’d be 100% content, but right now I have zero positive reinforcement/signs that clamping is ever going to do anything. Girth is what I want most.

Any words of wisdom, advice, encouragement?

No negative PIs are obviously not enough…how about POSITIVE PI’s?

I really think for hard gainers, its important to get a head shift…an attitude change. Forget about growth for now and shoot for awesome EQ (erectile quality).

Almost without exception when guys are growing they ALSO report easy and frequent erections, nite wood that is “rock hard” almost to the point of being uncomfortable, wakes you up, much better morning wood…etc.

I truly believe, that once you get great EQ…growth is either also starting or is just a small shift away (a little more or less).

So, what I recommend for you is take a few weeks off. What you will find is after some time (about a week) you will find that nite wood will start to get far better, better EQ in general. At some point it will begin to decrease…that means you are fully recovered and are starting to go backwards…at that point you can begin PE again.

At this point you should now be away of what excellent EQ feels and looks like FOR YOU! Now you can restart your PE, but bear in mind you should never let yourself be more than 1-2 days of rest away from that baseline…and I think 2 days is probably too far for most. I think if one day off doesn’t return you to that excellent level of EQ than you are overtraining.

I suggest a very simple clamping routine, no more than 5 minutes at first. I also suggest every other day. It should actually improve your EQ even further. If it does, you can begin to slowly increase it from there…always watching your EQ baseline.

If you follow this guideline, I can almost guarantee you will have better results than you have been getting.

Sometimes I wonder if the awesome nite wood guys get when growing isn’t part of the reason that they ARE growing…or a big part of it. Think about it, if you get “rock” hard erections, several times a nite, for a hour at a time, don’t you think it can cause growth? Its almost like controlled priapism. Anyway…just something I’ve been thinking about.

vkn1, are you warming up good? I recall a certain ex-member, who was reportedly a big girth gainer, saying he kept almost constant heat on while clamping. You might want to give that a shot? I know it certainly plays an important role in the effectiveness of other exercises.

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