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Clamping for Length - Idea?


Clamping for Length - Idea?

It has been said that clamping does not really increase length. I do not have any measured proof, but it seems that I am gaining length, at least while clamped.

I know Big Girtha talks about only using one clamp and “locking” it in his fat pad. I really do not have any fat pad (I was a skinny child) and two clamps seems to make sense for me. I hear of people breaking clamps and I never used that much pressure on one clamp, but together they may exert the same force.

Clamping for length…..

Lately, I start off clamping as low as I can go with one clamp pretty tight (I use a cushioned padding to protect my skin from the clamp). Then I slide the second clamp under the first clamp (toward the base/balls) and clamp down to a good pressure. After about 5 minutes, I take the top clamp (toward the head) off and place it under the second clamp.

I repeat this on every set of 3 to 4 sets consisting of 10-15 minutes. The last few times I did this, it looked longer than ever before.


It looks like it works for you, congrats on the gains. If I recall correctly aristocane gained 1” from clamping.

Originally Posted by Bird2
If I recall correctly aristocane gained 1” from clamping.

As far as I can remember, aristocane did nothing but clamp and ended up gaining an inch. Here’s the thread where he details his routine and gains: Gone from average to monster (7 inch girth)!!

If the pressure is uniform in all directions it would make sense that at least some length gains should be made.

I was a little worried that I might exceed my ideal length through girth exercises (I posted about it here Length Gains From Girth Exercises (Post Your Experiences))

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Big Girtha,

I really wanted you to weigh in on this for me. I think you have done an extensive amount of work in this area and I respect your opinion. I think your knowledge on the subject including all area of PE may help.

For instance, is this a lig stretch or is tunica stretching is coming into play?


Not a bad idea at all IMO, might just try it out later :) . I also have a small fat pad and push the clamp down as far as possible, but this might “lock” it better, good thinking.

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Hey all4show is the length increase still there after you are unclamped? I am collecting clamp info for future reference as I have been warned that clamping is to early for me..perhaps in April 06. This seems promising.

Also are you replacing the previous clamp in the position closest to your body kinda like you replace hands in jelqing? I’m a little unclear.

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I’ve mentioned once or twice here that I think exhausting the tunica prior to stretching may cut down on the resistance to length work- Jelqing prior to stretching for instance.

Perhaps Clamping prior to stretching might accelerate the ‘plastic deformation’ [assuming arguendo that is what is occurring]?

I’m in the opening stages of a planned stretching attack, but I am preparing to begin a clamping journey- eventually engaging in a brief clamping episode prior to hanging.

Of course this assumes that I can master clamping- haven’t managed it so far.

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I wanted to update this thread.

I have an admission that I never really measured properly when I started. I knew I was short of what I wanted to be and I could measure more with a cheater measurement on the side with a tape measure and get the measurement I have claimed to be (to myself). I knew I had gained a little since I started but it was hard to tell and certainly not verified.

Well after reading Xeno’s posts, it appeared he measured while clamped. It seems to me that is an extremely accurate way to take erection quality out of the equation. I decided to take a measurement (using proper PE methods) while clamped. About 6 months have passed since that time and I just recently measured in the clamp again and I have gained a 1/2 inch.

Since I have good length my focus has always been girth. I mainly clamp and pump as my routine. Trust me seeing it come out the tube or clamp is impressive (to me) and the main reason why I thought that girth was the way to go.

Good luck guys.

I have cable clamps at home and just wanted to give them a try.

My girth expanded 1 cm and length 1.5 cm during the exercise on

the first attempt. If you can gain length from jelquing, why not

from clamping?

Restarting everything.

I think SS4JELQ also gained an inch from clamping, but I could be mistaken. It was a long time ago and I might have forgotten the name.

I will be posting a 6 study I am doing on using clamping to help length gains. Mr. Fantastic knows a bit about this. For those interested keep an eye open in late January or early February. So far things are looking hopeful.

I will start clamping 5x3 minutes every other day and see what happens! :)

Restarting everything.

Originally Posted by mrCow
I have cable clamps at home and just wanted to give them a try.
My girth expanded 1 cm and length 1.5 cm during the exercise on
the first attempt. If you can gain length from jelquing, why not
from clamping?

Hi MrCow,

Where did you get CableClamps in Poland? I can not find any here.

Going back to the subject…I believe it is logical that clamping may give length gains..I mean ‘why not’? Blood may expand in every direction in your dick just like water which goes where the smallest resistance is.

What padding are you using that lets you do all this moving of clamps around without messing the padding up?

I cut up a knee joint heat/support. It is some form of Neoprene at Walmart by the pharmacy. You can at least make 2 or 3 out of it but large enough for a few clamps, but flexible.

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