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Clamping for length gains

Clamping for length gains

I have read a great deal of information on clamping. They say very few have gained length from clamping. I don’t know if the gains were erect or flaccid but for me I can say clamping is helping me achieve flaccid length gains, my erect length is the same but flaccid it feels more plump and hangs more also feels heavier. Any clampers who have gained length, what did your routine look like?

I’m just strictly doing set of 5 minutes.

That sounds good to me!
I wouldn’t mind becoming a little more of a shower even if I wasn’t becoming much more of a (length) grower at the same time. I’ve been looking into clamping lately and I’ve been thinking of doing just 5 minute sets as well to start and see how it goes.

Not to derail the thread, but a few questions if you don’t mind-

1. How long have you been clamping?
2. How many 5 minute sets do you do a day?

I’m also interested in hearing if anyone else has been as fortunate as you with flaccid length.

Clamping makes my flaccid much larger as long as I routinely do it. It hangs WAY heavier. Longer sets are better, but it is also best to start out slow.

I can safely say that clamping if anything will make future length gains harder.

Originally Posted by ironaddict69
I can safely say that clamping if anything will make future length gains harder.

There are also members who have gained an inch in BPEL from clamping, so it might not matter.

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