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Clamping for Girth

Clamping for Girth

Alright gentlemen,

A question for you all….Has anyone through trial and error of clamping gotten an orgasm out of it?

A while back I wrote about volume increases being a testament to true penile growth. Since then my significant other and I have been experimenting with clamping. We’ve read most everything on the subject at Thunder’s and most of it has been helpful. Let me tell you, I truly believe girth is where it’s at. For those who haven’t read the volume increases thread, a little background. She now knows about PE, she’s all for me doing PE, and she helps with my PE when she comes over. That’s where the clamping experiment came in. My routine is:

10 min warm up
5 min stretch
10 min wet jelq
15 min clamp
5 min stretch
10 min jelq
15 min clamp
5 min stretch

TheraP wrap for most of the day (damn things are comfortable)

Anyways, I’ve been doing this routine every M,W,F since May 3, 2004. Normally I measure on the 26th of the month, but before yesterday’s session, she measured me at:

BPEL: 7.25”
EG : 5.75”

So in approximately two months of experimenting with clamping, I’ve gained .25” in girth. I’m ecstatic, she’s ecstatic, so we are both really psyched about this session. Anyways, I do my warm up, stretch and jelq, and then I clamp. She loves how swollen and hard my cock gets when I clamp, so she strokes it, licks it and sucks it while I clamp. I am so turned on by watching her do this to me, after about 10 min, my cock swells so much it hurts. Out of curiosity she take a girth measurement, the look on her face said it all. I had gone past 6” girth. She’s absolutely loving it at this point. Anyways. I unclamp, do my stretches and jelqs, and clamp again. She is absolutely going at it like there is no tomorrow. My cock is ultra-sensitive at this point, I feel like I’m going to come any second. And then it happens, she’s frickin deep-throating all the way down to the clamp and I come. I know she can feel the spasms of my cock, cause she’s looking at me funny. Then I realize that with the clamp on I didn’t come in her mouth, not a friggin drop. So she keeps on sucking, in like 2 secs, I frickin come again. After the spasms subside, I trying to catch my breath. She pulls my cock out of her mouth, holds it by the base where the clamp is and starts licking the glans and the underside of my shaft and I fucking come again. Never have I ever experienced multiple orgasms like that, and on top of that, not a drop of sperm!!!! She unclamps me and says 3 words…”FUCK ME NOW!!!!” It didn’t take her 5 mins to have an orgasm, it didn’t take me 6 to have my fourth orgasm, this time everything that was built up with the clamp, came out like a gusher. It was messy. My cock stayed ultra-sensitive for a while, even the water in the shower made it tingle. I wrapped it and left it alone after that. Only taking the wrap off to pee. This morning, my cock was still swollen. I may have to take off tomorrow just to ensure healing.

This was a bizarre, wildly erotic, but definitely still bizarre experience for me. Now back to my question: Has anyone else gotten an orgasm from clamping?

My Current Stats: NBPEL : 7.5" BPEL: 8.0" EG : 6.0" GOAL ACHIEVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just Maintaining......

Dude that experience wasn’t from clamping- it was from the assault on your meat from your lady. LOL

I’m not sure, but it may be detrimental to your system-to come and not let it fly. Maybe somebody else can explain it to you medically. I think your system is designed to allow the ejaculate out, if you are holding it back (clamping) it may damage the insides/plumbing of your dick. You know-too much pressure.

Good story, though.

"If you build it, they will come".

I once clamped at the base and also a looser clamp below the head. Somehow they seemed to amplify each other beccause it felt like the pressure ‘backed up’ into me and touched ?prostrate? That immediately triggered contractions but no release due to clamps. felt reeeal good but haven’t done it since.

Without an exit, seed usually forces way into bladder, and evacuated when urinating.

I tried to ejac with the clamp on once. It felt really strange, and it did squirt out in a very thin stream really far.

Alright, I officially hard now from reading that…


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