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CLAMPING Everything You Ever Wanted To Know

Monty: Excellent idea. I always recommend your site to anyone who PMs me for the best ADS. Now I can send everybody your way for two of the three basic staples of the Craft, rings and clamps. If you start carrying the mag-wrap or mouse-pad stripes you’ll be the neighborhood one-stop PE store.

hagss: Clamping works a little like pumping in this regard. The longer you do it, the longer your engorgement lasts. If I do a really aggressive session, one of my all nighters like I did just before the Memorial Day nuddie farm experience, my girth gets up around 7” or more and stays for days. I don’t recommend this kind of abuse for everyone. I’ve built up to it for a couple of years. But the more you clamp, the easier it is to keep the girth. How permanent all this is only God and the man who can stop PEing knows.

But you don’t have to do these extreme routines to see girth gains. Just like with pumping, I believe longer milder sessions are more productive than short intense sessions.

And let me say this one more time: “You don’t have to stay hard to get the full benefit of clamping. Just stay hard long enough to get the engorgement then let it subside.”

“Let it subside”
“Let it subside”
“Let it subside”
“Let it subside”

Did I say that?

Yes, I believe I did.

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Thanks Big G,
I hope you don’t mind me calling you that. Anyway I looked around and I wasn’t able to find these clamps your talking about. I can’t buy it on the internet because live at home and the people I live with whould think I’m out of my mind. Besides I really do like the velcro. Another thing I wanted to mention was I have only been PEing for a few weeks now and I think I am going to work on my lenght like this site says to do first. I dotn want to get off topic here but I have been useing my own home made ADS and I was wondering if it’s ok to wear it overnight as well as in the day. And one last question.. How long do you think I should wait before I begin my girth exercises?

Thanks again Big G,



Sorry, slyguy. I guess I didn’t notice your join date. It is usually the first thing I look for before recomending clamps. You are absolutely right. Work length first. Plenty of time for clamping and girth work later. As far as the ADS over night. No. Don’t wear anything on your dick when you sleep. Do Bed Fowfers. That is tuck your flaccid dick between your legs and sleep on your side. This is more than enough to keep you elongated during the night. As far as how long before starting girth work, if you mean clamping, . I would say when you are satisfied with your length. Manual girth work shuch as jelqing and even some mild pumping can be done along with working length, just remember to take it slow. And yes, you can call me Big G. I’ve been called worse.

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Thanks again man. You seem to be the guy who “knows it all” so to speek. And I don’t doubt that looking at your gains. Very impressive. If I have any questions I’m coming to you. I hope you don’t mind.


Originally Posted by doubles

Be sure to fill us in on the modifications. I don’t get much beyond a .25 inch increase in girth expansion during my clamping sessions and I’d be interested in getting more.

Sorry for the tardy reply, I modified it by packing “blu tac” along the inside of the clamp, and used more “blu tac” to help hold the clamp in place, as it will otherwise still shift from the clamped position to a hold that doesn’t maintain the constriction level. I also used baby powder on the blu tack lining the clamp to prevent it really ripping the skin up when I remove it. I still have to hold the tooth down while kegeling or else it pops off, but I get much better clamp sessions this way. I also filed the clamp so there was more grab for the tooth.

It’s not a solution to perfect clamping, but just a way to deal with the limitations I’ve experienced. I’m getting the veins and swelling that dangle mentions but not the results expected. Still, girth is the goal so keep on clamping :)

What is blu tac? I did a google and all I get is references to bathroom tissue.

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It’s a mouldable re-usable adhesive mainly used for putting pictures on walls and holding things in place. Manufactured by Bostik and is actually called “Blu-Tack” sorry but I couldn’t get the spelling right and I only found some packaging now. It also makes attaching theraband simpler.

like I did just before the Memorial Day nuddie farm experience

Tell me BG, were you the guy with the fattest unit there?


I’ve answered you PM here, hope you don’t mind:

“My question for you is, how often do you clamp? Do you take rest days in between girth sessions or do you just go full tilt 6 or 7 days/week?”

Doubles, I do not take rest days. I think there have been about five or six days in my 2-year PE career that I haven’t done at least some form of PE. But as far as clamping, I clamp gently five days a week and do these 12-hour Clampathons on Saturday and Sunday when I work on my manuscript. I believe it is these long sessions that are giving me my girth. But who knows the long-term effect. My dick may fall off or explode. But you guys will be the first to know.


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Thanks BG.

I’ll continue as usual.

See post above #121

In answer to your PM as mentioned in above post#121 you don’t have to stay erect for clamping to work. Once you have the clamped engorgement let it subside. You will still get the engorgement. Also I find it works better to clamp dick only. I have too much skin to clamp behind the balls, but some do it that way.

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Originally Posted by anon771
ok thanks, got that clear now.

And how about my question about possible overtraining?

I answered you question here:

anon: Please post clamping questions to the clamping thread so everybody can share in the discussion

So in response to your PM. I myself do not take a day off, I PE seven days a week and two of those days I clamp nearly continuously for the 12 hours I’m at my desk. But I can’t advise this for everyone. Actually I don’t advise it for anyone. Take a look here at Danglemans injury on the link posted below. The jury is still out on this one, but this may very well have been caused from over clamping. If you click on the pics link in his signature you can see how a great dick took a wrong turn. I suggest you go easy on clamping until you are more conditioned.

Clamping with IR light, skin disaster!

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Is it possible to use a manual grip instead of a clamp, basically just squeeze your shaft or package with thumb and index finger?

Every clamp session I do 6 time’s 10 minute’s. First my head become’s big and shiny, then purple.

I don’t feel tired or numb at all. I also do 30 minute’s intensive stretching before clamping

Think I can move to 8 sessions, or do you think 6 sessions is already to much?

I, can, I can, I can not, can not compute..

Got my Family Pack of clamps yesterday from and I am a bit disappointed about the sizes.
The small clamp is too small. Useless.
The medium clamp works well when having a full erection but when erection level goes down, I’d like to close it 2-3 clicks more than there is.
I guess I have to use a thicker cloth or try clamping behind the balls as well?

Anyone else having the same problem with these clamps. I am at 13 cm = 5.1” EG.



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