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CLAMPING Everything You Ever Wanted To Know

Yes, Stubbs. They do. The thicker your dick is the harder to stretch it. Work length first.


2003: 6X5 2010: 7X7

No Nukes

My problem with clamping is that I need to stimulate myself all the time to keep enough blood in my cock. It’s very hard to put the clamp any tighter. Any of you for the same problem? Any advice?

Before PE: NBPEL 5.50" x EG 4.30"

Current: NBPEL 6.50" (BPEL 7.5") x EG 4.6" (head EG 5")

Goal: NBPEL 7.00" x EG 5.25"

There is several things you can do. First off, what are you using for wrap? If you have the mag-wrap the thickness is perfect for almost any girth. If you can’t get the mag-wrap use the mouse pad strip. Here is another tip. Stimulate yourself to an erection, use a vibrator, porn or girlfriend, whichever is handy. Once hard pull some of the scrotum skin toward the end of your dick and grab it with your free hand like it is just a big fat dick. The skin will add about 1/2” to 3/4” to the thickness of your shaft depending on how much skin you use. Keep your balls out of it, wrap your wrap around the base using that bunched up skin a padding to get a better grip with the clamp. Scrotal skin is a lot tougher than the skin at the case of your shaft and can take more punishment. But it is also looser, easy to get pinched in the hinge so be careful as you close the clamp. Once you’ve trapped the engorgement you no longer have to stimulate. Tell your PE partner to take a 10 minute break and to come back when she/he hears your egg timer go off.

2003: 6X5 2010: 7X7

No Nukes

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for those of you doing clamping routines, do you avoid jelqing now? or do less jelqs? or do you still continue to do the same amount of jelqs and just add clamping to your old routine?

Start: 01/26/2005

5.25" EL

3.75" EG

Personally, I’ve recently included in my routine kind of clamping using plastic hose clamp ( here no cable clamp available (: )
I decreased jelqs from 600 to 400.
My recently routine (switch to this one, due to reached plateau on length / I give girth a chance ;) ) :
warm up
stretch 15-20 minutes
200 jelqs / clamp 10 minutes / 200 jelq / clamp 10 minutes
warm down


Anyone know of a place or cheap substitute for cable clamps in Australia?

Our national anthem has “our home is girt by sea” in it, and I plan to be the girth by sea…

Toms start-

I personally do not jelq. But it has nothing to do with clamping, when I jelq I end up with severe wrist pain (wrist injury from jelqing) not unlike carpal tunnel syndrome, and there are some prices I just won’t pay for a bigger dick. Currently I just do hanging, stretching and clamping and lately I’ve been slacking on the hanging.

I think a lot of people jelq between clamping sets to refresh the blood in the penis, I just let it go flaccid, make sure there isn’t any fluid build up and give it some heat for a few minutes between sets.

I also think a lot of people continue jelqing to some extent no matter what their advanced routines are.


Besides Girtha of course, what are people’s gains from clamping?

Dry jelq between Clamping sets. Save the wet jelqs for the days or times you do wet work like pumping, Using Vaseline with the dry wrap is a mess and too much trouble to clean up between clamping sets. However, when doing wet work, I still clamp between pumping sets, but I use the mouse pad instead of mag-wrap. It is easier to clean up and more rubbery like a wetsuit. I also use the mouse pad to clamp in the hot tub

2003: 6X5 2010: 7X7

No Nukes

I have gained .75” girth in just over one month now clamping. These are perhaps the “newbie” gains, but clamping so far feels the most vigorous and intensive of PE exersizes I’ve tried.

~~ start: 7 1/2" x 5 3/4" ~~ current: 8 1/2+" x 6 1/2+" ~~ goal: 10" x 7" ~~ gains: around 1" EBPL ~1" EG ~~


> Nostem

Serious gains there bro! What’s your routine?

Started clamping this week, with a 2 on one off style or less intense. I like it, but does anyone else have a problem with during kegeling the clamp gets too much strain and unclicks a bit?

I didn’t think it was possible to unclick without using the thumb lever.

Man you must have some powerful girth. I’ve never unlocked a clamp with a kegel. Do your girlfriend’s eyes cross when you flex inside her?

You probably just have a bad clamp. You get one every now and then. Also, they wear out after a while and the teeth won’t hold the lock. I can’t count how many I’ve gone through. Try a different clamp.


2003: 6X5 2010: 7X7

No Nukes

I’d say a bad clip, it’s not a name brand one due to the fact I don’t live in America, but it’s the best I have. I have tried 3 of these and they all unclip, so I have to hold it in place manually. It still works fine though, but i would like it to have that hands free approach.


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