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CLAMPING Everything You Ever Wanted To Know

AverageHang: No. You do not need to stay rock hard through the set. Once you are engorged that’s all that is needed for girth work. The erection can and probably should somewhat subside.

Rolle: You’ve touched on some good stuff. I’d like to respond in depth, but there is a bit of a cat-fight going on here, and I’m stuck in the middle, more of a referee, actually. But I will post on this at length when the smoke clears. Probably after midnight.

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Hey BG, do you recommend a pumping/clamping routine? I was overdoing it at first but I think I dpund a decent medium. Warm (10 min), stretch (10 min) 100 Jelqs, pump, clamp, pump, clamp, pump, jelq, warm down. 1 on 1 off and complete break on the weekends.

Yes. Most definitely. Pumping and Clamping go together like peaches and cream, in my opinion, followed up with dry jelqs afterwards. In fact, other than manual stretches and Fowfers, or the wearing of lead rings, I’d say that these three are pretty much all the PE I do anymore, and I do them all together ending with either masturbation, via vibrator, or sex.

Step 1. I surround myself with porn, because I feel it is very important to keep stimulated during the first session, (Pumping) Using a big vibrator on the balls and one pressed against the heating pad wrapped around the tube, I (milk/vibrate/edge) for an hour at full erection.

Step. 2: Clamping: I wrap an eight inch long, ½ inch wide stretchy strip of neoprene at the base, pulling it as tight as possible with each turn so it squeezes down the base leaving a throbbing baseball bat of a dick about the size of a Red Bull can at the end. No way to get a clamp around that, but no need to. Then, I place one medium sized CableClamp around the wrap at the base and click it once, then jelq in blood until I am erect and engorged. I click again after jelqing in one more squirt of blood. At this point I am fully engorged with a swollen dick I can barely get my hand around. If I try to click the clamp the third time, I usually break it. Two clicks with the 8” strip do it for me. Your mileage may differ, according to post pumped/clamped girth.

The secret to clamping, and being able to keep from breaking them, and getting the full engorgement is getting this strip of neoprene cut to the proper length. The width is easy, just cut it to the width of one clamp, about ½ inch is wide enough. The length however will differ with every dick. The wrap should be about as long as your BPEL, or just a tad longer depending how stretchy your neoprene is. Mouse pad is too thick, thus hard to work with, Ace Bandage is crinkly and rough on the skin. Theraband is to tacky, sticks and pulls tender skin. The wrist wraps are usually just right, but they are making them more complicated these days, with thumb supports and crap. You have to take scissors to them now, and remove any thing like magnets, or metal, or plastic supports. All you want is a narrow strip of soft, pliable neoprene. If you can save a little bit of the Velcro fastener at the end, this makes it easier to use, but sometimes you have to sacrifice this little convenience to get the right size strip.

Step 3: Now I edge. I place one big vibrator under my balls and the other against the throbbing, swollen, spongy, baseball batted dick above the clamp, and lose myself to my porn collection. Every time I get close to ejaculation, just before the point of no return, I stop. Turn off the vibrators, pop the clamp massage and squeeze out old stale blood, jelq in fresh blood, wrap, clamp and continue. I usually do this for about an hour, and then end with ejaculation. The coming at the end of the routine is a nice little reward. Sometimes I bend one of the ladies over and come inside her, or sometimes I just finish with the vibrator, but my pump/clamp/edge/girth routines always end with a gut retching orgasm.

After I come. I hit the shower, soap up and slip on one of the big lead weights. The only way I can get one over the post girth is with soapy water. I have to remove it the same way. I wear this ADS almost continuously, especially when jogging or swimming. I only take it off to sleep. It’s comfortable, no way can it slip off over the post girth-work bat, and by putting a thumb against my shaft just under the ring, it makes a great anchor, or fulcrum point for A-bends and dry jelqing, which I also do almost continuously. When I sleep I do bed Fowfers.

In my honest opinion, the above routine is how I have obtained, and maintained massive girth and flaccid hang.

I have given up, however, on erect length.

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The only time I can kegel in blood is when the clamp is at very low pressure. What you need is experience. I am 100 times better at clamping now than I was 2 months ago.

I will have to look up some info on fowlers, and get some neoprene.

But here is a question, why do you pump before you clamp?

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Hi guys, I am new here to the forums. I have been jelqing and clamping for some time now, and I have two questions that maybe someone could help me out with. My first question is this - Generally when I clamp, even at tight pressure, I don’t experience too much of an expansion. Maybe 1/4” at best. Is this ok? My second question is this - Under the trouble tips, coldness is listed. If you do happen to experience this coldness, what does it signify? I remember in my early days of clamping, I experienced a VERY bothersome tingling that left me on the PE sidelines for about a week. I was scared out of my mind LOL, but now I’m right back at it because I’m stubborn like that ;) . Thank you for your time guys..

- Al Suri

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alsuri - 1/4” expansion is fair, most guys expand between 1/4” and 1/2”, which may be partly determined by their initial size to begin with. However, this may be associated with your second question. Coldness in the shaft or glans denotes oxygen starvation of the blood. It has been trapped completely and cannot be recycled by new blood. It seems to me, from this and your previous injury concerns, that you may be clamping down too hard, which will limit your expansion, shut off oxygen flow and increase risk of injury to veins.

The ideal clamp pressure is a few notches back from where you might think - make sure you are edging all the way through your session. That way you have visible and tactile information on how your penis is feeling. Edging in the clamp should feel pleasurable and never painful. A slight coolness of the glans is okay, but cold and very dark means you’ve clamped too tight. Work back, find a happy medium that encoporates the edging under more moderate pressure.

It may take a while to find your sweet spot, everyone’s is different. The idea is that you let more blood in than you let out, but do not close the circuit off completely.

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Drilla9 - Thank you so much for your reply my friend. As for my injury, yes you are right about the clamp being too tight. I always thought you had to make it extremely tight to get an expansion. Now I see this is definitely not the case, so thanks for clarifying that for me. About the coldness, while I haven’t experienced that personally, I asked what it signified so I will know what the case is if I do, however, experience this. Like I said, I was always under the impression that you must have the clamp as tight as you can stand it. Good grief I’ve been doing it all wrong. I’m lucky I didn’t injure myself again. As you have posted above, I will work at finding a consistent medium for my current size and continue the process from there. Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to clear these things up for me.

- Al Suri

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BG and Drilla allot of people get discoloration from clamping, do you think there’s a way to stop this? I mean would shorter sets (5 Minutes) prevent discoloration and still be able to gain or would it just be the same discoloration wise and less effective time wise? I’m as white as a ghost so discoloration concerns me, even when I get a tan it needs to be very light or I look weird.

Originally Posted by drilla9
You may be clamping down too hard, which will limit your expansion, shut off oxygen flow and increase risk of injury to veins.

The ideal clamp pressure is a few notches back from where you might think -

It may take a while to find your sweet spot, everyone’s is different. The idea is that you let more blood in than you let out, but do not close the circuit off completely.

If I don’t clamp super tight, then blood escapes and I’m not super engorged or super hard.
You are saying above that clamping should not really be done that bad.
Does the neoprene have to be 1/2 in.
Mine is way wider, does it make a difference?


I joke around a lot about how a dark dick looks better, and I really do believe this, but I can see how a really fair complected guy might be concerned about this. Unfortunately, at least in my case, I find the discoloration unavoidable with the more aggressive PE. I’ve heard some say EVO helps, but with me the dark shaft skin is just something I have learned to live with. Maybe if you darken the rest of your body the dark dick won’t be as noticeable.

See my MT2 thread on how to do that. :leftie:

As far as the width of the wrap, the reason I say 1/2” is because the clamp itself is about a 1/4” wide when closed all the way. This gives you a slight margin on both sides which helps keep you skin out of the pinch. It does’t matter if your wrap is a little wider, it’s the length of the wrap that is important. This you will just have to play with.

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Thanks BG, if my skin got slight discoloration then I could maybe get a light tan all over but I’m one of those guys that looks like a dick with a darker tan. I really want to clamp though, is there a point were you get to that discoloration starts to become noticeable but if you stopped it could go away?


So when I clamp I crank the clamp fully closed, no notches left to click.
That traps the blood.
If I don’t crank it that much, it doesn’t seem fully trapped.
Am I doing it wrong?

My eg is 5”

The above question is for anyone to reply to.


Drilla9 - I tried clamping with your tip to back off the pressure and edge while clamping and I experienced over a 1/2” expansion to my base girth, something I have NEVER seen before. For the first time ever, I could look down and say, “Wow! I’m actually bigger!” Also, adding edging to the clamping makes it quite enjoyable, and adds a bit of fun to it as well. ;)

Gapseal - As Drilla9 has said above, you should not close off your blood flow. You want to make sure more blood is trapped in your dick rather than going elsewhere, but you don’t want to close the circuit completely. Clamping too tight can be very harmful, trust me. When I got injured, it took a week of resting before my dick would even respond, basically. Take it easy, find your constant level of pressure, and stay focused. Good luck! :)

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