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CLAMPING Everything You Ever Wanted To Know

Originally Posted by Grocery Store
“Whether your dick is hard or not, the engorgement will continue to swell so that toward the end of the 10 minute set even though you are no longer hard the engorged upper shaft and glands will actually be fatter than they were while you were hard at the beginning of the set, much fatter.”
- Big Girtha

Ok. But what if you go completely flaccid to the point where the clamp can just fall off.

Big Girtha won’t answer that since he’s been gone for a while.

That definitely won’t happen though. If it does, you’re clamping way way too loosely.

And if you are one of those who the “medium” clamp is too loose for, you can get some mouse pad and super glue to make the clamp tighter by padding the clamp so this doesn’t happen. Also, using the wrap will make the clamp work better for you if that’s the case.

Yeah, there are some of us who the clamp didn’t fit. Me for example when I started. I’ve since stopped PE and probably won’t resume but I do remember the things I learned.

For those of you who have not seen it, I highly recommend the Thunders Place video clip made by Piet in which he demonstrates on his impressive, 9 inch penis doing an extreme Uli (a nice female voice gives a verbal explanation)… This is a winner and covers the subject very well……


Where is this clip please?


Originally Posted by Big Girtha
Guys. I get so many PMs and questions from newbies wanting to clamp before they’re ready. I get guys from the UK using everything from “Elastic-Bands” to bungee cords. I’m also getting endless guilt trips from my doctor friend about clamping, with prophetic visions of doom connected with preapism and fibrosis. Not that any of this will stop ME, but perhaps it should stop you. I don’t want to be some kind of evil legacy that ten years from now is remembered as that guy with the Clamp Avatar that caused a whole generation of newbies to destroy their dicks. So please use caution when using these little Ratchet-Jawed Demons, as Doc. calls them.

I received a package from monkeybar today. I have this grand vision for a better and safer clamp. So far we are still in the “talking about it stage” and don’t know if it is economically feasible to make such a thing, but I’ll tell you this much. Whether or not we decide to make a better clamp, this silicon wrap of his may be the first step to better and safer clamping. It looks very promising to me, as does the ideal clamp we have discussed. It may be a while before the new clamp is a reality if it ever comes to pass, but in the meanwhile this new silicon wrap looks very interesting. It is comfortable, stretchy, strong and self adhering. It goes on easy, quickly and stays where you put it. Hell the wrap alone may replace the legendary CableClamp. So don’t explode your dicks just yet, there may be something safer and more effective in works. I’ll keep you all posted.

Big G,

Did anything develop from this wrap you are talking about here?


Originally Posted by Gentle Mr Justin
Big G,

Did anything develop from this wrap you are talking about here?


Scroll down to air clamp

Hi guys,

Tried to search the forum but couldn’t find the topic on clamping in a hot tub.(or in hot water). Do you know if anybody had have such experience?or can you give a link to look at.Thx a lot.


Annon: I see you are our newest member. Welcome aboard. Don’t be discouraged that no one is responding to your question. It’s not that we are rude or don’t care, but that this kind of question from new members comes up a lot and has become kind of sore spot within the community, and the pun here is definitely intended. If you go up two posts from yours to post #605, you will see where GMJ has posted a quote by me, taken from the beginning of this thread, which was originally posted 4 years ago. That warning still stands, so Read and Head.

These clamps are very hard on you dick. I have been warned by two different urologists, and recently by my new GP that they can and will inflict severe damage when used aggressively, as we on this forum tend to use them. I’m not saying they won’t give you girth, they most certainly will. But they will also cause injury to unconditioned tissue and make it hard to get length gains later on. Work length first.

Clamping is an advanced routine. Even for the seasoned pro with a tunica as tough as leather and enough loose skin to make a throw pillow, clamping can still be risky. Stick with the basic newbie routine until your dick is conditioned enough to take this kind of abuse.

Uhh. That being said, when you DO clamp, yes, the hot tub is a very good place to do it, as well as a good place to, pump, screw and do manual stretches. I suggest beginning with the latter.

Good luck.

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Big Girtha,

Thanks a lot for the valuable advice.

Originally Posted by vagabund
Hey BIG G,

I’m a huge fan of your posts. I print them out and dangerously treat them as Bible truth.

That being said, I have a question for you regarding a strange feeling in my dick:

I was clamping and edging as you recommend in many a post. Then I accidentally went overboard and orgasmed. However, I did NOT ejaculate. I believe it the constriction of the clamp disallowed any fluid from exiting my dick.

The next day I noticed some very minor pain near the left side of my glans. It isn’t so specific, but it’s definitely “not right.” You know when you just know something there is off? Well it is.

I have taken a week off. I can piss normally with zero pain. I can ejaculate and have sex normally with zero pain. But some angles when I move my boner around, I can feel that strange very minor pain.

Do you think i may have damaged my urethra when cumming with the clamp on?

Do you have any advice for me?

I read a post about a guy saying the urethra needs 8-16 weeks to heal. I would really hope to NOT take that much time off from PE.

Please let me know if you have any ideas about this minor dilemma.

I would love to get back to putting your hard-earned knowledge to good use.

BTW, do you still clamp and PE? What’s your stats at now? You’re legendary here, my brother.

Thanks in advance,


Vag: This is a common injury with clamping, but instead of talking about it here, lets do it on one of the clamping threads so everyone benifits and I don’t have to keep repeating myself. I will copy and paste this and meet you, here:

Asonne - CLAMPING Everything You Ever Wanted To Know for the discussion.

Good luck
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The above was copied from a PM and posted here so many may benefit from the discussion:

This is a common injury with clamping. You may have bruised the urethra, or may have ruptured a small vein or even a cluster of capillaries in the shaft skin close to the glands. You could also have a thromboses, however usually T-veins can be seen or felt under or within the skin. I would continue to give your dick some time off from clamping until it is not sore to the touch, or when you can rub the sore spot and not feel any pain. If the pain continues most definitely see your doctor. I always tell the truth with my doctor on how I have gotten an injury, but I realize not everyone has this kind of relationship with their doctors. Just tell them you think the injury occurred from rough sex.

Back when I was clamping very intensely, as well as hanging up to 40 pounds, I always had a lot of these kinds of injuries. Of course my doctor is privy to my PE obsession and I never try to hide anything from her. After years of living with a dick that always looked as if it had been run over by a bus, I finally decided to listen to her advice. I am now pretty much retired from PE, but still do a maintenance routine. Light pumping and edging in the clamp about every other day.

1. Never use but one clamp, pressed as deep into the fat pad as you can get it.
2. Always use a strip of neoprene wrap.
3. Never pump of clamp once you begin to get numb.
4. Avoid hangers that clamp onto your dick like a vice. Vacuum style hangers that pull from the tip are much safer, more comfortable and in my opinion and in the opinion of my doctor are much more effective.

As far as my stats I’m not sure. I threw away my ruler years ago. I think I may have lost some erect length since I stopped hanging heavy weights, but I have also gained some girth. I have also gained a little fat pad.

We are working on the pad.

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Be very careful of clamping; you only have one dick. If you care about your dick wait till you very advanced and have been jelqing for 3-4 years to clamp.

Started: Bpel 7 mseg 4.5

Current: Bpel 7.5 mseg 4.75

Goal: at least 8.5X6.5

Big Bori I do concur. One should hold off on clamping. It is probably the roughest routine you can put your dick through with the exception of maybe hanging with extreme weights. Maybe not 3 or 4 years, but until you well conditioned. Your dick will let you know when. PE does not have to hurt to work.

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Copied from PM

Hey Big G.
You have any advice on a good clamp? I really want to ballon the shit out of my Unit. Girth isn’t the high light of my package and I want to turn that around.

Advice on a standard routine, and good clamp would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you
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2Big4u: I still say clamping and light pumping is the best routine for girth. I don’t follow any regimen, just do it until I feel I should stop. I think going by “Feel” is the best way to regulate any routine. As far as the best clamp, I still feel the old, plastic Home Depot/Wallmart “Ratchet Jawed Demon” like my avatar is the most effective, as well as the most dangerous.

Monty had developed the AirClamp years ago using a Neo-natal BP cuff. I’m not sure if he still sells these, I’ve been out of the loop for a while. I still have a few he sent me. It works, is more comfy and a hell of a lot safer, but for my money just not as effective as the dangerous one.

Good luck

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Big G,

Thanks for the response. I want to say that the minor pain is lessening some. But I will take another week off and see how it goes.

Do you think that I got this from blowing my load with the clamp on? Is that the thing to avoid here for future reference? I know I’ve read about you saying that you DO orgasm in the clamp without ejaculating.

I just want to be sure to avoid this in the future if that was, indeed, the culprit behind this.

Also, I have been jelqing and squeezing and uli’ing since March ‘08. I wanted to get more girth going after reading about yours and Drilla’s successes.

Do you think it’s too soon for me? I used to uli VERY hard and I never had a problem with it. I jelq for about a half hour every day, sometimes twice I day.

I know I’ve read some people advising to wait at least a few months while doing the newbie routine before clamping. I’m already 15 months in, so I figured I’d be safe with it.

Do you agree?

Thanks again for the advice. Your words of experience definitely calm me.


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