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CLAMPING Everything You Ever Wanted To Know


Once you get a rock hard erection clamped off right, the head will look shiny and tight and the clamp will stay where you put it, right up tight against the body. if the clamp tries to (ride up) the shaft, you need to pop it and reclamp. Once you get a good clamp leave it for 10 minutes or tingling whichever comes first. At the very first sign of tingling pop that clamp, squeeze out all stale blood, massage vigorously and jelq in fresh blood, then clamp it off again. After three of these 10 minute sets with about 10 minutes of dry jelqing and massage between each set you should see a pretty good increase in girth. For me up to an inch increase, beginners will see a little less. This faux girth will of course fade in a few hours, just like with pumping, but the more you clamp the longer the engorgement will stay until it eventually becomes permanent.

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No Nukes

Big Girtha:

I have always clamped with the clamp screw pointing to one of the side of the dick (first person view), but it appears that this is wrong, and maybe justifies why I have weaker erections somedays.. So just to confirm, the right thing to do is clamp with the screw of the clamp pointing straight downwards (near your balls), giving the clamp a shape like this () and thus exerting more force on the sides rather than the top and bottom.

Please correct me if I am wrong!

Also, this way I am able to clamp tighter, I go up to the last click sometimes (my usual girth is almost 5.1 inch midshaft and I use a 12 inch of cloth wrapped around the base for cushioning.

Does this sound right? :)

Thank you

I’m not BG’s spokesman or anything, but he has said this many times. You are correct that you should clamp with the oval shape of the clamp in the vertical orientation ().

You are about the same girth as me, and yes it sounds right that you could close the clamp down to the last click.

Horny Bastard

Thanx mravg!

Thanx mravg!

Is there an echo in here?

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BG can you look at this post…

It has been said that clamping does not really increase length. I do not have any measured proof, but it seems that I am gaining length, at least while clamped.

I know Big Girtha talks about only using one clamp and “locking” it in his fat pad. I really do not have any fat pad (I was a skinny child) and two clamps seems to make sense for me. I hear of people breaking clamps and I never used that much pressure on one clamp, but together they may exert the same force.

Clamping for length…..

Lately, I start off clamping as low as I can go with one clamp pretty tight (I use a cushioned padding to protect my skin from the clamp). Then I slide the second clamp under the first clamp (toward the base/balls) and clamp down to a good pressure. After about 5 minutes, I take the top clamp (toward the head) off and place it under the second clamp.

I repeat this on every set of 3 to 4 sets consisting of 10-15 minutes. The last few times I did this, it looked longer than ever before.


I went to my local B&Q today to look for some cable clamps but couldn’t find any. So I purchased this new thing which is supposed to do the same thing - its a Velcro strap, but very very strong, i couldn’t pull it apart when i strapped it. Will this be any good or is a clamp needed so we can increase the pressure by closing it further?
I bought some clamps from eBay but I think they are a cheap version because when i put one on i can easily open it simply by kegeling.

Ive also been wondering how far we should close the clamp
i.e i have a girth of 4.6 inches so what should the circumference of the clamp be when closed? 4 inches? or smaller?


Proper cable clamps can be bought in B&Q, but, in my experience, only in the warehouse type stores. The mini warehouses don’t seems to have them. Check their website to find you nearest full size warehouse, it’s the only place I’ve ever seen CCs in the UK.

If the ones you bought from eBay pop open they are not the real thing.

As for the size of the clamp, it should be as tight as you can get it without damaging yourself. Tighten it bit by bit, jelqing the clamp up and down, then clicking it shut as you finish each jelq.

Broken Clamp

Last PMer: I answered your questions here:

That little thumb-latch part of the clamp is the weakest point. This is what always breaks, usually when clamping down that tightest click when your wrap is either too thick, or your engorgement is real tight. This part that breaks never comes in contact with the skin so there is no danger of cutting your shaft on the plastic. Always best to have a lot of clamps because they wear out and break like this after some use. Try reducing the thickness of your wrap

Also, the injury you describe is very common with clamping. Sounds like the beginning of a thrombosis. Best thing to do is either rest a few days (ADS) or do other PE that does not put pressure on the injured vein. You will experience thicker, firmer and more prominent veins with clamping and jelqing, but a badly thrombosis should be give some time off before clamping or aggressive girth work is resumed.

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It’s a testament to my not overdoing the clamp tightness that I’ve used the same single clamp since the Summer..rock on BG..:thumbs:

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Starter Pics/Clamping Pics

Lordbase, thanks

Ive found some of the real deal cable clamps on eBay so I’ll be waiting for these to finish

And what do you mean by jelqing the clamp up and down? do you mean use it as I would use my hand in the OK shape? This sounds near impossible if it is at any decent tightness

Last night I also had a strange feeling in my balls, an aching feeling, but it doesn’t hurt, anyone have any ideas? could this be from incorrect clamping?
My balls don’t hang very low so I was wondering if I could be clamping something inside I’m not supposed to?

Thanks guys

Warning Condituioned Clampers only


You should not have any testicular pain from clamping the shaft. Do not clamp behind the balls. What we mean by jelqing the clamp is precisely what you said, only you may have to loosen the clamp a click or two to get it to move, but if the engorgement is holding and the clamp is not riding up the shaft just leave it alone.

The following is pretty intense, and should not be attempted by beginner clampers:

If your dick is fully erect and an engorgement is clamped off after a while the clamp may sort of ‘ride up’ that is the clamp will feel like it is slipping a little toward the tip as you lose some of your erection. If left alone your erection will subside a little, and this is fine for mild or beginner clamping, just let it ride up and let the erection subside. Most of the engorgement will stay whether you are completely hard or not.

But for more aggressive clamping, once you are more conditioned you can keep a better engorgement by jelqing the clamp. When you feel the clamp start to ride up, take the tips of the four fingers of each hand and place them on either side of the upper edge(towards the tip) of the clamp and press the clamp down toward the body. You may have to loosen the clamp a click, or you may not, it is better if you don’t. Try it first without loosening the clamp. As you press the clamp down toward the body, kegel in blood and the engorgement should swell and your dick will become harder. Once the clamp is all the way against your fat pad, click it tighter if you can. (This is where most guys break their clamps) If the clamp is already as tight as it will go you can keep the tight engorgement and hard erection by keeping constant pressure against the clamp pressing it deep into the fat pad. This is a bit more work than passive clamping. Eventually it will tire out your fingers a bit. Next time use a little more wrap and you probably won’t experience this riding up of the clamp.

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Is there a way to enlarge the head of ones penis? I was wondering can this be attained through clamping

If you stretch it, it will grow. If you clamp it, she will know.

I think both clamping and pumping do enlarge the head somewhat, but not as much as the shaft.

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What about doing a clamping session a few hours after you have had sex (or masturbated) - ejaculated?? Would that work or would I be better off letting it rest for the day?

And what about the opposite, does ejaculating after a clamping session cause it to go down the drain? Everything lost, some is lost, or is it the same?? The other day I couldn’t hold it.. I was in the end of the session edging..

Thanx :)


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