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CLAMPING Everything You Ever Wanted To Know

Okay, guys. I’m kind of busy now but will have some time later tonight after midnight. For now, I’ll get to these questions one at a time starting with the last.

I think plastic formation has more to do with hanging and length work on Susp and Fund ligs as well as the inner penis and tunica, however, I believe there are probably some degree of plastic deformation taking place in girth work laterally on the tunica as we are expanding it beyond it’s normal girth for longer lengths of time, giving ourselves a self induced preapism when taken to these extremes. As far as keeping completely erect for the duration of the sets, I really don’t think it is that necessary for beginners, just as I don’t think edging (holding ejaculation) is necessary for new clampers. Do the first three 10 minute sets under erect stimulation, if it is convenient, but after that, once you are very erect in the clamp and the erection is clamped off tight, the erection can, and probably SHOULD subside. Your engorgement WILL NOT SUBSIDE just because your erection has. The angle of your erection will drop a little, but your engorgement will stay. If it does not, you are not clamping tight enough and blood is being allowed to exit the penis.

Later when you are doing all day sessions watching porn, using vibrators and/or what ever means necessary to stay hard it has its advantages do so, especially if you are edging. When I do these advanced all day clampathons, (NOT RECOMMENDED) I use everything available to keep hard. I take the liquid Calais, use porn or my PE partner, or I edge inside HER while clamped, but this is the most effective way for me. While fully engorged I’ll hold a vibrator against the shaft and watch porn. When I am very close to ejaculation I’ll turn off the vibrator and the porn and read Thunders letting the orgasm and erection subside for the duration of the 10-minute set. I’ll then pop the clamp and dry jelq9by hand palms down and/or canning tongs) until my dick feels normal again (usually about 10 minutes) The purpose for this REST period is not so much to rest, but to restore circulation. Once circulation is restored and your looks and feels normal you can start the next set. But before you do, turn off the porn, and beginning at the tip squeeze or (milk) the shaft all the way back to the fat pad draining all the stale blood out, so fresh oxygenated blood can be kegeled back in. Then I’ll start all over again.

But these kinds of exercise are extremely hard on erections, and very, VERY advanced, aggressive methods of girth work that should NOT be attempted until:
1: Your shaft is very conditioned and tough to stand up to the pressure:
Two: You are fairly satisfied with your erect length.
Three: You have milked the Newbie gains until they have stopped.

Also, for a word to the wise, my urologist doctor friend: warns that this kind of intense girth work could very well lead to some health issues somewhere down the road. For me, I’ll take that risk for the kinds of gain I’ve enjoyed. Do this at your own risk. It has taken me three years to work up to this kind of abuse. I honestly feel it has been the primary contributor to my gains in: erect and flaccid girth, flaccid length and over all penile volume. I feel I gained very little if any erect length from clamping. Also, I don’t think you have to take clamping to these extremes to see girth and total volume gains. But as Aristocanes says in his thread, and I do agree, you get to a point where you have to advance a little to continue to make gains.

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T-Rave: I think I answered you last question. As far as the twisting flaccid, if your flaccid hangs to the left normally, then it would seem reasonable that after clamping the enlarged girth stretches the skin making your normal left hang into a kind of twist. I don’t think this is an injury, but I am not a doctor, and my doctor has refused to give anymore advice on clamping other than, “Don’t do it.” I know aggressive clamping does make some changes to the meatus. I can’t piss a straight stream for a couple hours after a hard session. I’ve come to accept having to sit to piss as one of the inconveniences of clamping, as you may have to accept the twisted flaccid.

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Newbies let it subside

Originally Posted by gameofinches
Ok, CLAMPING is and advanced exercize, and CLAMPING WHILE EDGING OR KEEPING AN ERECTION is even more extreme.

SO you new clampers, just put it on, and sit there! Read or something.

Good advice, I concur. However staying erect for three ten minute sets isn’t too harsh if you completely restore circulation and squeeze out all stale blood before starting the next set. Otherwise, let it subside and read the forum.

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Originally Posted by penflex
Nope, he means going soft in the clamp.

BG clamps as close to the pubic bone as possible, so it wouldn’t really be possible for him to observe this.

Yes, clamp as close to body as possible. Push that single clamp as deep into the fat pad as you can, thus engorging as much of the shaft as possible, and let it completely subside, the erection, not the engorgement.

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Originally Posted by Zman2700
I think that when Big Girtha talks about loosing your erection and still being able to clamp and maintain pressure he means that below the clamp you loose your erection but above the clamp t is still hard as a rock.

True. Only the erection level will drop, not the engorgement if you are clamped tight enough.

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Originally Posted by mravg
Bena, I would say yes, 100% erection during clamping. That is how you get the intense pressure, although Big Girtha says that there is a benefit when the erection subsides, because the clamp holds the expanded girth. In my mind when the erection goes down, even a little, there is no benefit to the clamp. It just doesn’t feel like it is doing anything. However, if you do lose a little rigidity, I find that doing some squeezes and bends during clamping provides good internal pressure.


Sorry I have to disagree. It may not feel as effective, but I assure you it is. This may even be more effective, because by letting the erection subside you can do more sets without getting too sore.

Also, I am against doing any twists, bends are anything to the shaft while it is clamped off. Gently jelqing the clamp up and down to stay hard or using a vibrator is about the limit, otherwise, let it alone while under pressure.

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Is there an echo in here?????

Originally Posted by SlickDickey
I use the thera-p wrap. Is this too thick? Seems like I could maybe benefit for something thinner.

Slick: You need to backtrack and read this thread, all of this has been covered. Neoprene is the material wetsuits are made from. It is also what mouse pads are made from, only thicker. This material is soft and cloth like on one side and rubbery on the other. The way a wetsuit works is the neoprene lets water in but wont let it out so that the body temperature can heat the thin layer of water to 98.6 This makes the neo wraps great for clamping in the hot tub, or just a hot bath tub. Even when clamping dry, the neoprene holds body heat in. By putting the soft cloth side against skin, the rubbery side is perfect to hold the grip, but anything soft will really work.

The TheraP wrap is made of neoprene only without the rubbery side and the Velcro fastener makes it handy for clamping. Also this wrap is very stretchy. Pull it real tight when wrapping. But it is best to remove the magnets, this is why it is too thick for you. Make a tiny slit over each magnet with a razor blade and they pop right out. I must have said this a dozen times in this thread, already.

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Thanks for the replies and advice. I would like to report, although not relevant to this thread, that since I’ve started PE in January of this year, I have cemented a 1/2 inch gain in length!! Guess I have to change my sig. It’s all thanks to Thunders!

Thanks again!!


1/29/05 Start: 5 x 4.5


So is the general consensus for clamping to do 3 sets? I assume this is what most people do? I have been clamping for about 4 months now. Should I still be doing 3 sets or should I add more?

Let Discomfort be your guide

Bena: The three set rule is for beginners. The 10 minute set rule is for everybody. (Except aristocane and Red Zulu ;) ) Once you have conditioned your dick enough for clamping, just use good sense as to how many sets to do. Once you get to the point you are sore and clamping is uncomfortable, you’ve had enough for a while. A lot of massaging and dry jelqing between sets will usually allow you to do more. Just make sure to squeeze out all stale blood(Horse 440) and pump in fressh, before starting a new set.

T-Rav: 1/2” of cemented length in one year is pretty good. Definitely change your sig to reflect your gains, and perhaps a Forum Donator tag under your name would look nice, also ;)

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Yo, BG,

I saw over in the Way of Life thread (excellent and impressive, by the way) that you don’t cum on girth days. Aside from the edging aspect, do you have some theory behind that? Like, does having an orgasm reduce the post-clamp pump?

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Yes, most definitely. That’s why I do it, or the main reason. I retain the post pump girth days if I don’t ejaculate, hours if I do. I think the longer we stay engorged the more we expand the tunica laterally, thus making the post girth permanent.

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War of the Worlds & Edging


Ike. Sorry I was distracted by H. G Wells and Spielberg. No. The post session faux girth is not deflated by orgasm but by ejaculation only. The art of edging is being able to enjoy the former without releasing the later. I know we have always thought the two were inseparable, but they are not. It just takes practice and intense concentration. I guess this doesn’t belong in a clamping thread, or maybe it does.

I’m tempted to start a new thread on edging, this has been done to death, but perhaps it hasn’t been done right because guys still aren’t getting it. Stop and think about an orgasm a second. Think how it feels to you. There is a beginning, a middle and an end. You just have to eliminate the end. You first know one is eminent long before it really happens, in fact, if you pay attention you’ll know long before you get near the point of no return. Sure the most pleasant part of coming is just a micro second before it happens, before you go over the edge, from the instant you first feel it coming to the end can be a very long and enjoyable time. From the instant you first know you are going to come the orgasm begins. The pleasure intensifies right up to the second you blow. This can be very quick for someone who hasn’t learned to control their orgasms. But for someone who has done a couple gazillion kegels and knows how to edge, this time span can be delayed almost indefinitely. When you first start edging you may be able to hold off a couple or three times, but will eventually slip over. The more you practice this, the more successful you will get at feeling all the pleasure of multiple orgasms, without ejaculation. Because your refractory period is short when you don’t go over, you can get right back where you were quickly. This can literally go on far as long as you have the endurance to keep it up, or if you are very fit, you can keep it us as long as the woman beneath you can hold up to it. This is why I jog 8 miles a day.

The best way to practice edging in in the tube with porn and a vibrator. Then when you get good at this you can do it in a vagina. It’s harder to stop, while edging inside a woman.

But a hell of a lot more fun. I recommend, dogie;)

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Thanks. I need to get me one of them there vaginas. Well, I have one here in the house, but I am…what’s that called…estranged with it. I’d love to have one to practice that edging stuff in, but for now, I’m relegated to a plastic tube that I’ve started calling Angelina.

(How’s that for objectifying women? If word got out there’d be entire zip codes of Seattle I could never set foot in again.)

Hey BG or anybody

I was wondering how soon can I tell if I’m doing this clamping thing right. I have some Cable Clamps and have been using them faithfully. For about a week. But what are the tell tale signs that thing are changing. What should I notice. Because I cant seem to keep the clamp on after my dick excitement dies. I was wondering shouldn’t I still be engorged even if I’m not excited and still wearing the clamp? Just wondering.

If you stretch it, it will grow. If you clamp it, she will know.


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