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Clamping-Does it work?

Clamping-Does it work?

Hi,I’ve been PE’ing for almost 2 years now,and I thought

I’d have a go at girth,and give clamping a try.

I’ve been going for more than two weeks at about an hour and a half a day in 15 to 20 minute sessions.

I’m pleased with the results my john is more bulky and girth has improved.

(no measurements yet).However my question is does it work in the long run.

Are gains permanent?

Any vets care to give us their experience.

Regards Fun

Originally Posted by fun
Are gains permanent?
Any vets care to give us their experience.
Regards Fun

fun, I don’t clamp but the way I see it is that as long as you are clamping they are permanent. I think there is a shortage of guys reporting in after completing all PE and testifying as to whether it is really permanent or not, this applies to all PE techniques.

Does anyone know of any testimony from a “done” PE’r as far as clamping?

You may have a point, Nine. PE is so addictive no one can take a break long enough to see if it is permanent

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I’ve taken enough time off to say that the gains seem to be permanent. I’ve lost 1/4” girth and 1/4” length after a few months off, but didn’t lose any more over a year of no PE. Still up 1.5x.5 from starting size. I’ve taken several extended breaks and haven’t lost more than that.

I can’t say that clamping worked for me though. I gained girth and a little length with several months of clamping only, but it went away after stopping last year. Haven’t lost any since then and I haven’t been PE’ing.

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Gains are permanent to a degree some guys seem to lose more than others but I think a simple jelq routine a couple of times a week will keep what you got and keep your dick healty. The jury is still out on clamping gains I know I have made some gains with them but I don’t know if they will stay. While I was hanging for a year and doing little or no girth exercises I lost at least a quarter inch in girth except on the base I put it back on with clamping over the last three months. So in a way you need to use it or you lose it.

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I am a huge fan of clamping. I used to crave a long dick, but after seeing what clamping does for girth I just want one really thick ‘cone’. Note: I only clamp like three times a week, at most, for like 15 minutes at most each session/day.

Clamping has given me the only girth gains I have ever gotten, and FAST. But damn, I hope they are permanent and not some sort of swelling thta will disappear over time! That would suck.

*I measure PRE-WORKOUT, normal erection* Started: 7 EBP x 4.9 EG. Several years on and off PE, now 8.125 EBP length x 5.5 EG midshaft (5.8 base). Working on girth (clamping) again after breaks due to injuries - fast recent gains! Pics

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