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Clamping directions

Clamping directions

Does any feel that clamping parallel (screw right/left) to the ground helps the top of the shaft (from the middle of the dick to head) and clamping perpendicular (screw up/down) to the ground helps the bottom of the shaft (from base to the middle of the dick)? I found that out that it seems like when I clamped perpendicular it help expand the bottom of the shaft and less the top. So I have decided to to parallel one day and perpendicualr the next.

Anyone thinks this is true, please leave feedback.

Here’s what I’ve found recently. If I clamp with the hinge at the top or bottom, my penis doesn’t lose feeling. If I clamp with the hinge on the side (top/bottom gets most of the pressure), I occasionally lose feeling in my penis. The last time I did that, it was noticable for a few days.

Moral of the story is that I don’t clamp with the hinge on the side anymore and everything is fine once again.

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