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Clamping and upward curves

Clamping and upward curves

I have noticed over the past 3 months of clamping that my existing slight upward curve has become more pronounced. This is fine with me, I kinda like it, but my theory is that when I use 3 clamps in a row, the clamps actually keep the base and first 2-3 inches straight, and the un-clamped portion of course swells, but as it does, it curves way more upward than usual.

Anyone else notice this?

I have noticed the same, It curves upward while clamped.

I get a slight curve upward also whereas normally I’m straight as hell.

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that’s interesting. Is your curve cementing or a clamping-only phenomenon? It may just be possible to use the same technique to efficiently get rid of curves, don’t you think?




I have a downward curve now. Do you suppose that if this happened to me it would curve further downward, or straighted?

I feel it is cemented, because my erections show a more pronounced upward curve after 3 months of clamping, even after rest periods,

Also, I do feel that this could be used to correct a downward curve.

Interesting theory, do you have a pic of this phenomenon?

very interesting indeed. `

If that’s the way to change tunica curvation, then how and where to place the clamps to straighten a - let’s say - left curve?

What do you reckon?




I use 1 to 3 clamps. Always starting at the base as close to the pubic bone as possible. I always place the screw of the cable clamp downward(toward the feet). If one were to adjust the way they clamped to fix a left or right curve, they would have to be very careful of pressure on the dorsal nerve.

I do not as of yet have pics of the phenomenom.


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