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Clamping and Broken Blood Vessels/Capillaries

Clamping and Broken Blood Vessels/Capillaries

I was just wondering how many of you guys have experienced broken blood vessels (capillaries?) while clamping. I never experience this, and now it appears as though I have about 10 dark frekle sized dots on my shaft. They appeared when I first incorporated squeezed; thus, I have dropped the squeezes. I took about a week off and have used a topical cream and they faded slightly; however, once I clamp again they turn dark, as if they are filled with blood.

Have any other clampers out there experienced the same and/or had an answer to it? It kind of sucks having a “frekly” looking unit.

You probably didn’t allow enough time to let the broken blood channels (whatever their size) heal. Maybe a poor analogy, but if your arm gets grabbed too hard you get the “spotted” look to the overly-stressed area. It’s a sign of of blood channel leakage. Layoff the clamping and it will heal. I don’t now how long it exactly takes to fully heal but give it at least two weeks. Its your penis and don’t take chances. If and when you start again, make sure you have warmed-up by edging for at least 20 minutes. I’ve had 4+ hour clamping sessions in the past, but always started with a semi-erotic hypnotic state of edging for at least 45 minutes to 1 hour of edging before hand. You should get a natural feel of what level clamp you should set at this point. However, clamping gains are temporary in my opinion. Everybody is different though.

I should clarify that through-out a 4-hour period, I clamped and rested. I never left the clamp on for more than 10 minutes. After a several minutes of rest, the clamp was re-attached. The cycle repeated for 4 hours.

Take time off until the spots disappear.

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Ya, I figured resting would be the only way to go. I can do stetches and it won’t affect the spots, so I may just stetch a bit and take about 2 weeks off :( . It’s disappointing b/c I was beginning to feel/see some progress.

shyster: if you think the gains are only temporary, then why do/did you spend so much time on it?

Originally Posted by shakeandbake
shyster: if you think the gains are only temporary, then why do/did you spend so much time on it?

I stopped clamping a couple of months ago but at the time the post-clamp session girth gains (about 1/4”) were enough to keep me at it for a couple of months before I quit clamping. Also, while the clamp was on, I would get 1/2” expansion on circumference and that in itself gave me a sense of “aloofness”.

Clamping has worked terrific for me when I do less of it; however, getting too carried away is also taking a good 2 week break on me, which may be good :) . I will just be stretching every day since that hasn’t effected those spots. Wish me luck!

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