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Clampers: gains from simple squeeze?

Clampers: gains from simple squeeze?

Clampers: I have just started experimenting with clamping, and I was wondering - have any of you guys gotten gains by simply clamping at the base and the squeezing and holding the shaft to really balloon it up, and holding it awhile? if so, for how long? Or only from doing jelqing or other “blood-moving” techniques in addition to the clamping?

I notice that if I just clamp it off and let go, the blood does leak back out, so some sort of squeezing is necessary.


1/8” girth in about two months.
3 sets of 10-15mins daily.
5/2 or 6/1 schedule.
A few dry jelqs in between sets.
Lots of kegeling during the set and other light stimulation.

Famous last words: “I have just started experimenting with clamping”.

Be sure to feel around for possible hard veins after a set. They are not always easily visible and their presence marks the final set for the evening and the beginning of a massage/hot wrap(read: nursing) routine.

I’m using a second clamp (10x 1 minute) to get my cock as expanded as possible. And afterwards I’m doing some squeezes with the second clamp on. While doing this I’m kegeling and I’m watching porn.

Girth gains for better sex, length gains for a worthless ego boost.


LameSize - We are about the same size and, obviously both need girth to be proportionate, and are both clamping. I would be interested to keep up with your progress in getting girth; I’m pissed at my 5 inch girth!

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