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Clamped Horse 440s

Clamped Horse 440s

So I’ve done the newbie routine for over a year new and have started with clamping for some months now.I’ve been clamping like normal but then started squeezing the top of my penis below the head like like a horse 440 but instead of using my other hand to squeeze the base I have been using the clamp.I was wondering if anybody else uses this method and has good results.

Personally I think that’s pretty extreme and potentially dangerous. Did clamping alone give you any gains? Why did you decide to increase the intensity further?

I’m moving this thread to the Main forum, since we wouldn’t want any newbies thinking this is an appropriate newbie technique :)

I believe clamped squeezes and bends can be effective, if done very carefully. When clamped, there is no where for blood to go (or at least not easily). This means that you can dramatically increase pressure against the tunica and there lies both the leverage to stress the tunica for expansion and the potential for injury if done incorrectly. I would not recommend anyone do stretching, bending or squeezing while clamped unless you have extensive experience with how your cock responds to the individual stresses. But with that said, I have found the combination to be effective.

Warning! Danger, Will Robinson! Danger! :ufo:

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