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Clamp sizes

Clamp sizes

I followed someones advice, and found clamps at Home Depot. However, they only have 3 sizes of clamps. One is way to big and another is way too small to even get around any part of my shaft. The middle sized one seemed to work just right at the beginning, but lately it doesn’t seem to be keeping the blood in anymore. And I have the clamp completely closed too. When I first started doing the clamping, my girth got HUGE when I was clamped…about 6.5! But that was during the clamping. And then the following day(s), my flaccid girth was 5.75(the size I used to be erect). But as I said, I don’t feel as if the clamp is small enough anymore. But how could that be? Suggestions anyone?

Not that I’m an experienced clamper, but.. ever thought about adding more in between the clamp and your dick (AKA the wrapping) ?
Just an idea..


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