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Clamp question not sure where this fits

Clamp question not sure where this fits

I recently became able to FULLY clamp (down to the last notch on a medium). I lose almost all feeling (usually all of it). Is it ok to do this for short periods f time? It sounds like an extreme uli to me, but I want to make sure.


My understanding of an extreme uli is this:

You are aiming the slow down the return of blood, while keeping the inflow of blood high. You do this with light clamping all around the shaft, but not too tight. If you clamp down too tight, you’re just doing a clamped uli.

So when you clamp down, you want to stop tightening when you’re at the stage where your unit is filling up more and more, until it’s at capacity. Then you keep it on for 10 minutes or so, perhaps kegeling.

So to answer your question, I don’t think it is ok for you to carry on as you are. The loss of feeling is a warning sign, heed it!

Sounds to me like you are trying to hurt yourself.

Thanks ICM, I’ll do just that.

ICM I thought that was the technique you use with clamping? I remember BIB saying that the cable clamp was no good for extreme Uli’s, because you can’t completely cut off out-flow like you are supposed to with those. Also, that’s why they’re only done for 5 minutes, as opposed to clamping where it’s ok to do it for 10-20 minutes…

Kittycat. I don’t think it’s beneficial to do that because when clamping, you want to limit outflow but maintain regular inflow as much as possible. This is a delicate balance to maintain depending on how hard you clamp down. I can also clamp down all the way but I know for a fact that would MAJORLY restrict my inflow and it shouldn’t take but two minutes for me to completely lose my erection.

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AlrdyBig actually with the flow completely cut off both ways you can still kegal blood in, but it just won’t come out (at least until the pressure builds high enough). When doing extreme uli’s the expansion slowly grows until it reaches a level where it’s under alot of pressure, and as long as you keep kegalling and keep some sort of an erection it won’t go down.

The arteries that supply fresh oxygenated blood to the penis are deep inside whereas the veins which carry stale deoxygenated blood out are just under the skin. It does not take a lot of external pressure to stop outflow. If you experience numbness or especially tingling, that means the oxygen in the trapped blood has been depleted and the clamp should be removed and vigorous massage applied. Never hold an X-Uli for more than 10 minutes or for a longer period than when tingling or numbness occurs. Use a baby sock or the TheraP wrap under clamp. Clamping is a very good tool in girth work, but can easily be over done.

Be careful and good luck

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Thanks so much everyone :) I could have really hurt myself I see. I’m guessing coldness is bad too.

Hey Big Girtha, I was noticing your impressive gains in both length and especially girth, Congratulations! Have you posted your workouts in this forum and in what time frame did you achieve those results? I am most interested in girth and while making gains I would also like to avoid injuries. Thanks for your help.


If you first wrap your unit with a sock or some other material it spreads out the pressure applied by the clamp, and if you get it right it should be as good as a hose clamp.

I imagine that it would be easier to achieve with a hose clamp, but the idea of having a screwdriver near my unit is not pleasant. You can superglue something like a small coin to the hose clamp so that you don’t need a screwdriver, but I have neither at the moment.

Perhaps members who have had success with extreme ulis using a cable clamp could chime in. I know Piet has, though he also uses hose clamps.

Perhaps both items should be in your PE arsenal?

I tried clamping with a cable clamp, but the damn thing was too big for me. The only other size I saw at Home Depot could fit on my thumb. Can guys that are around 4 3/4 in girth use clamps? If so, what size do I get and where can I find it?

Originally Posted by skinnycorndog
I tried clamping with a cable clamp, but the damn thing was too big for me. The only other size I saw at Home Depot could fit on my thumb. Can guys that are around 4 3/4 in girth use clamps? If so, what size do I get and where can I find it?

Hey, Skinny, I use a terry wristband around my dick to cushion it from the Cableclamp. I’m sure if you did the same, you’d be clamped tightly enough to get the engorgement you’re looking for.

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