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Clamp and BallZinger results


Clamp and BallZinger results

Well, it’s been over a month now since the “discovery” of the the Cable Clamp and the BallZinger. For those who use one or both, post results/observations here. One thing specifically I am interested in knowing is this. Those who have noticed gains with the clamp, how often do you clamp, frequency and duration.


I have been using the clamp for 3 weeks. I have gained .25 inches girth. I started the first week doing 2 10 minute sessions clamped a night. I did a 3 on 1 off. I then started to stay clamped for 35-40 minutes total time per workout. I decided to turn it down a notch because I was sick of getting the donut effect. I now am doing split sessions, 20 minutes morning, 20 at night. I do jelqs for warmup before constricting. Also a heatpad before usually.

I’m really interested in knowing if more gains have been had by clamping once a day or multiple times per day. Since we are really just maxing out the capacity of the CC and stretching a bit (not much pressure), is it an exercise that would yield results by more frequent sessions during the day? I think I read where Bib was doing it that way and got nice results.

My wife is a girth freak. The thicker I get, the more I get! :)

Yes, this is going to be my new strategy. I will definately get 2 sessions a day, but 3-5 might be optimal. I think reminding your dick more often that its going to get thick might just do the trick. We shall see.

I agree. I am going to experiment with multiple daily sessions of 5 - 10 minutes each, instead of one long sessions. Putting the BZ on right after keeps it in a nice state of semi.


I typed in a search for “clamp” but only got alot of stuff about clamping down before you ejac. Is the clamp some sort of device? If so where do i get it? Thank you.

It is a cable clamp.

Or, you can find it at your local wal-mart with the extension cords.

No one else has tried this?

Anyone having trouble gaining girth should really try these. I really don’t see how anyone cannot gain off of these. Your dick is expanded 120% the whole time! When I measure myself fully clamped I am 3/8 inch bigger than my regular girth.

I am going to keep bumping this until more give their results. On another thread, there were at least 10 or so trying it.


I want to pick some up from the store and dam if I don’t always forget when I’m at the store.

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

Which size clamp works best. It looks like there are three sizes. My girth is 4.75 inches.

Can’t the same results be obtained from a cock ring?

Also, how do you avoid having the clamp pinch the skin? Do you wrap?

To aviod pinching, I use the elastic top part of an old dress sock. It works perfectly.


It is better than a cock ring, because you can clamp down harder and get more engorgement. I wrap with part of a sock. The medium clamp is the only one that would work.


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