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Circumference Measurements


Originally Posted by Maxtro

I don’t know if people would lie about their results from a self-reported girth study, simply because most men don’t know how big around an erect penis should be. In contrast, most men believe that the penis should be 6 inches long and are more likely to report their length being 6 even it is not.

This is a solid point, guys are certainly less likely to straight up lie about their girth than length, but I don’t really think guys lie so much as round up. Although girth may be spared of the purposeful exaggeration that length is, it’s certainly not exempt from human tendency to round it to a favorable number. We are way more exact/precise on this forum than the general population. To them 5 10 1/2 is 6 foot in a colloquial conversation much in the same way that 4.6 girth is pretty much 5 and 5.3 is pretty much 5.5, 5.6 is probably 6 way more often than someone correctly rounds down. 4.2 isn’t 4, etc. I think it’s ironic that the number is always so arbitrary as saying “5 inches” has any verified study ever measured 5+ inches, I don’t think it has. Even in self studies it sometimes doesn’t measure this high, and a lot of the self studies include head girth.

Maybe/probably with the head girth and based girth all involved in the measurement, and the largest one gets picked, I could see 5. Otherwise (I.E random spot on shaft) not a chance.

One thing that I’ve discovered is that most men have never even measured their girth, while many have measured their length (though usually incorrectly). Their only description of their penis’ girth is either thick or thin and most guys would say it’s thick or extra thick, but they really don’t have a clue what their girth is or what average is.

Originally Posted by Maxtro
One thing that I’ve discovered is that most men have never even measured their girth, while many have measured their length (though usually incorrectly). Their only description of their penis’ girth is either thick or thin and most guys would say it’s thick or extra thick, but they really don’t have a clue what their girth is or what average is.

Good point. Forgive me if this has already been mentioned somewhere on Thunders, but a while back I took some time to investigate something which seems to indicate what Maxtro says is quite true.

Disclaimer: While I’m not gay or bi, I have no problem with those who are. I simply took some time to look at this stuff to satisfy my curiousity and to compare my findings with what is known and discussed here at Thunders. I checked the following source every few days for a few months in order to get a good idea of what was going on.

Go to Craigs List. Pick a large city if you are not in/close to one. In my case I used Minneapolis/St. Paul as that is the metro area in which I live in a suburb of. Go to the personals. Look through the man for man ads. Also look through the “casual encounters” section and at man for man or man/woman for man. Note what people claim as their size… Lots of pictures (not for the faint of heart).

My main observations: Most don’t claim a girth number. Almost all claim a length number though. Average (claimed) length seems to be 7.5”. No mention of BPEL or NBP as those are really just Thunder’s/PE world terms. Unbelievably high number of those claiming 8”. A very rare few actually claim a girth number and those few I’ve seen always seem to claim “8x6”. Most claim “thick” or “hung” and list a length. I also observed several people claiming “small cock” and claiming numbers like 6” or 6.5”. Is this a result of what they have observed others claiming as their size on Craig’s, or is it based on personal experience? Good question…

More observations: It is obvious that many are not being truthful in their claims. Also if one was not armed with the information found here at Thunders, he could easily conclude that the average dick is a lot bigger than the “real” average. Another thing to consider might be that fewer of those less-endowed even post there trolling for sex. On average do gay/bi guys have bigger dicks in general? I doubt it, but surely they have seen/experienced many more erect dicks than most of us who are not have.

Though it is difficult to judge girth without something of scale to compare it to, I have to say that based on my findings that most/all posters there do have girth over 5”. Length, who knows…

Thoughts? Does this contribute anything to the discussion?

Originally Posted by Beretta92
Thoughts? Does this contribute anything to the discussion?

It confirms what I already knew about measurements on Craig’s List:

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Heat makes the difference between gaining quickly or slowly for some guys, or between gaining slowly instead of not at all for others. And the ideal penis size is 7.6" BPEL x 5.6" Mid Girth.

Basics.... firegoat roll How to use the Search button for best results

Men who claim thick vs thin probably don’t bave much of clue whether they are truly thick on thin. A guy with 7.5X5.25 will look a little thinner, but will actually be significantly thicker than average. A guy with 5X4.75 might say “I don’t have the length, but I got the girth” When in reality he is pretty average. This of course works both ways.

Originally Posted by firegoat
It confirms what I already knew about measurements on Craig’s List:

:) That’s classic!

The whole Craig’s List thing is definitely an interesting study, at least to me. If someone didn’t know any better they could easily believe that either the average dick is a hell of a lot bigger than in reality, and/or that only “hung” guys use Craigs List. Mix that with the porn star shit and I bet it fucks with a lot of people’s perceptions of what average truly is.

It is very interesting that the usually quoted number for mid shaft girth is 5” when no study actually says that. The cancun study if I remeber correctly was an average girth so it didn’t necessarily mean only mid. They probably did mid and base and averaged. Even with that the average was 4.9 and we all round up. I do think that is that average among partying college males who have no shyness about whipping it out. In other words that’s probably the most generous average you’d get considering the population and that a lot of guys dropped out or were excluded. Does this mean we drop the 5” average girth numbers around here and go with something lower? Its nice to at least think 5 is the number that way I have more motivation to push me. If its really much lower it could push me into maintenace too quickly.

Yeah 5 inches is arbitrary, it’s a made up fucking number because we want things to be mentally easy. No one wants to be like I’ve got to get to 4.6912 to be average. Fact is all of these surveys, and even dicks measured by doctors were in some way voluntary. Some men will completely refuse to get naked for any kind of an examination, and would dread even being in front of a doctor, so the fact is that none of these studies represent the “entire” population of men. I have no doubt that the average guy who is out pounding everything has around 5 inches somewhere on his shaft, but I don’t think it’s true mid-shaft as base is usually thicker, and I sure as hell don’t think this guy represents the entire average, just the hip college guy who is getting laid.

My guess is that 5 is a high average. I started with 6x5, and most gay men would say my dick was average, but a little thick. I don’t pay much attention to size unless its really big or really small, but if I had to guess, I would say I was bigger than 55% of the guys I have been with, smaller than the rest. And that is a huge sample, btw. <wink>

As for CL, or any online gay hook up, 8 is your average dick. If you say less than 8, people assume you are small. I have hooked up with many 8x6 guys who in reality were the same size as me. The times I’ve pointed out the discrepancy, they either deny it, say they are “way bigger” when they aren’t, or try to convince me I measured wrong, or on a bad day. The same thing happens there with age, unless its a site for guys into “daddies,” there’s basically no one between the age of 39 and 60. I have fuck buds who have been 39 for 8 years now. If you’re trying to find out what is average, you absolutely can’t trust what men say online. They know that a big dick will get a lot of attention, so pretty much they advertise they have it, and count on the fact that most people won’t say anything, and will go ahead and have sex with them anyways, since they took the trouble to come over.


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