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Circulation to the glans

I just discovered this thread and want to report that I also fall into this category. I’m a young guy, no erectile dysfunction, I can quickly get very hard erections of my CCs, but my CS and glans always remain soft. And, yes, I think this has really been hindering my PE, especially because I primarily jelq. It’s been like this for as long as I can remember, and I’ve always toyed with the idea of seeing a doctor, but I never really was sure this condition was unusual. Now I’m more motivated than ever to see one, but for insurance reasons I won’t be able to do so before September, so if any of you guys have already gone and received some kind of diagnosis, please share it.

DLD, I wanted to thank you for your interest in this subject, and ask a question: There is _one_ way that I can get some blood into my glans, and its very similar to a reverse kegel. I noticed years ago that if, when erect, I try to exert the muscles that force out urine, I instead get a harder erection, a tightening in my anal sphincter, and, often as not, a case of blue balls. After reading this thread I tried again, and noticed that the extra hardness comes from the CS, and my glans also gets a bit erect. I’ve read that other guys have had similar issues with reverse kegels, so I think I’m just doing it wrong, stimulating the wrong muscle group, but whatever muscle group it is that I _am_ stimulating seems to be related to CS erections. I going to try and isolate the PC muscle so I can reverse kegel for PE purposes, but I’m wondering if you have any idea what other muscle group I might be hitting now, since maybe by building that group up I can have an on-command CS erection? It seems like it might be something located right near the prostate, which would explain the effects it has.

Thanks very much, sorry for the long post!

Very curious to know what kind of diet you guys are on that have the head problem? I notice that when I eat smaller portions of meat and go mostly with healthier vegetables that my head does get filled with more blood. Just wondering if it could be (at least for me) a fat clogging up the plumbing? For now I am mostly vegetarian and have no circulation problems in the head

I am mostly vegeterian also, I have this problem. Then again I am rather large so, when I lose this weight I will get back to you.

Maybe some of the others here either have some type of clogged arteries, or are overweight like I am?

Maybe we can find this out, yet.


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I’m not overweight, and neither am I that unfit. I’m an occasional smoker, but I’m only 20 and as far as I can remember I’ve always had this problem. I also train regularly!

One interesting thing I have noticed is that if you get a hardon w/ a PM on, your CS seems to really fill up more than usual - even more than with a cock ring on. It almost seems to suggest that there’s some type of plumbing or blood flow problem nearer the head (as this is where the PM is attached) than at the base (i.e., where you would wear a ring)… Any thoughts?

I'm not overweight, and neither am I that unfit. I'm an occasional smoker, but I'm only 20 and as far as I can remember I've always had this problem. I also train regularly!

But how is your diet? Are you eating a lot of beef? What does a meal usually consist of?


Going for 7.5X6, then 8.5X6.5, then who knows. Girth Brooks - "Didn't get any real gains until I started shutting my cock in a car door and then falling back."

I think my diet is quite good on the whole. I take a lot of protein powder for the gym - could that be a bad thing? But apart from that it’s fairly balanced. I could eat more salad and fruit - but that’s always difficult to do whilst I’m at uni. Are there any vitamins/herbs I should take that might help?

After rereading this thread I want to comment that I STILL have made no progress with my soft head. A cock ring at the base is my only answer. :(

Has anyone made any progress? I have this problem as well.



You know that your head will always be softer than the rest of your dick right? It has to be to let the cum out if it was to hard it would close the opening.

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i used 2 have this problem untill i started slap my penis against my theigh ,to regain good blood circulation after a few reps (5-10reps) wen it becomes super-engorged with blood.

I’m either putting 2 and 2 together or apples and oranges together, but:
8 isn’t enough posted, in this thread:

Topical Testosterone has been used in clinical trials. This may make a statement about safety.

“Gomaa and colleagues[66] recently reported impressive efficacy of topically applied vasoactive agents and testosterone creams in improving erectile function. In a randomized, double-blind, crossover study involving 42 men with ED, low sexual interest, and depressed testosterone levels, 67% of men who used a topical polypharmacy cream (ie, 0.8% testosterone, 0.5% isosorbide dinitrate, and 0.06% co-dergocrine mesylate) for 1 month reported full erection and satisfaction with intercourse, and 85% reported enhanced libido. The polypharmacy cream also significantly augmented penile perfusion in 81% of patients.”

The above debate was over size enlargement, which may or may not happen, but apparently there is evidence of circulation enhancement in the penis. It could be interesting to apply a transdermal cream to the glans, if indeed there is an 81% chance of “penile perfusion”.


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Transdermal cream huh? I still to this day have very very poor circulation to my glans. Shaft gets stiff and erect but glans stay soft and flimsy. :(

I just posted elsewhere about this but thought it would be good here too. Expectexpansion wrote above about reverse kegeling and filling the glans… I’ve been having a loss of sensitivity on the underside of my cock head and a 80% or so erection, because my cs isn’t filling up as much as it used to (probably too fast on the hanging weight or because I started horse squeezes or because I’ve been really stressed out). I’ve never had circulation problems in the cs before but reverse kegeling makes for a quick fix…

I have had a lot of experience with this issue. Firstly, cock rings definitely do work and make a tremendous difference. However a lot of guys don’t want to feel they are restricted to using one for the rest of their lives, and often they cannot be worn throughout the day which makes spontaneous sex very difficult.

I had my probem fixed via surgery, a huge vein was literally gushing blood out from my penis (well, actually solely from the head!). I had this vein occluded and now everything is great!

One last thing I might add, limiting masterbation may help those where the problem isnt severe. If I cum 3 times in a day, erections later are obviously harder to attain (especially without a woman) and I also find even though I am repaired, the glans are harder to fill up. I generally restrict myself to ejaculating only 2 - 3 times a week, it makes sure I am always optimally horny and therefore my glans always fill up and feel great.

Wouldn’t something like a Hardwear ring that puts pressure on one part (in this case an upside-down one putting pressure on the CS) cause a more easy engorgement of the glans?

Certainly something worth trying. I’d consider bending up a copper bracelet that you can get at any drugstore and see if it meets your needs.

It makes sense to me.


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