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check this out

check this out

I have no gains I been check out this forum 4 a while now
I will be 21 real soon and let me say my erections aint what they
used to be when I was younger.They used to be alot harder you could tell with out looking at it I have a full erection.

I did jelqs warmups maybe once and a while I would do warmups with the wrap and streches.My 1st week I did get the red purple mixed dots on my dick.I admit it I did jelq hard and with an erection reason being I felt I could handle it I couldnt stop my self
from getting an erection while I jelq so I continued to do them
with an erection.I notice now I have trouble getting a boner and
my boners are way softer my dick feels alot softer.Evertime I go
to the bathroom my penis skin seems to be stuck to my glands
you no the area right below the glands its lighter color from
the rest of my penis which is on all dudes u no above mid shaft.And as 4 your veins
being more noticable that is the case with me well was as of now
I stopped jelqing because I felt if I continued I could injury myself more.I mean I could feel my veins evertime I would Jelq.Anybody
have this happen to u and what are sum tips.It looks like I’m
not circum sized the way it sticks the skin to my glands it like rolls
is this suppose to happen.I would say I been jelq 4 at least 4 months at 1st I did it like 5 times a week no more than 15 mintues each time.I will say this I jelq I was jelqing 4 a while
and I couldnt even fit the gland of my dick in a toliet paper
roll this happen one time.I was all happy felt big.Lets Just say I could almost fit
mid shaft in the toliet roll I have not had any gains I feel I actually
lost length.aND AS 4 gains girth none.

Anythings possible


Well I’m new to PE also, but to me it sounds like you are over training! You have to remember that your penis is not ready for all that you are throwing at it so take it slow. I too had foreskin growth, but that is to be expected. I would suggest you take some time off and fully recover. Then start back like you are new to PE. Also never, I mean never jelq with a full erection being new.

Try this after your recovery….

1 10 minute warm up
2 100 jelqs at 70% erection
3 10 minute warm down

Do that for about a month, just remember you might think you can do more but your penis might think other wise! After you have finished a month with that routine start adding more reps to it. Start with 25 per week and see how that works, and remember to have rest days also. You can start to add xtenders to the routine.

Hope this has helped.


A couple of things.

I deleted the other thread because there was no reason to double up.

Secondly, I’m cut so can’t help you out on that.

As to the rest, well…if you think you’ve got softer erections at 21 wait until you hit 30, 40, 55, 60 ….etc.

You haven’t lost length.

If you have no gains after 4 months, thats time to change something - different exercises, style of jelqing, hanging, squeezes, rest days, more jelqs etc. Not a good idea to jelq erect at this stage.

Want a hard boner? Stop touching your dick for a few weeks and see how that works.

And don’t expect results just like that. some guys get them straight off the bat, others may take 6 months or longer.

I suggest you sit back, weigh up your situation, and decide what you have done right and wrong, what you are prepared to do, and what you are expecting from all this.


And I’d add to what the others said:

Learn to feel exactly what is happening during all the time you do your exercises, whatever they are. If it hurts, you’ve gone too far.

Get in the habit of examining your dick after each different exercise. Turn it over also and check out the underside for bruising or red spots. If you see any discoloration, this is a sign that that particular exercise may have been to robust for you and that you may need to ease off.

A number of the exercises described here are not for newbies.




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