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Check this out!!!!!!!!!!!!Paid to PE?


Hi - i wonder if the non-patented device is a bib hanger?

Has bib seen this yet?

have a good day

I just found this off of the Power-jelq forum on the same web site! Felt it was important news to post asap!

This site deals with ED, so the non-patented device is probably going to be a pump. That would be my guess anyway. Can’t get in to check it out, their server seems to be ah, offline at the moment. All the guys looking for a PE job, no doubt. :D

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I’ll bet it is a stretcher or hanger of some kind since traction is used after penis enlargement surgery.

Participants will be using a new penis enlargement device which has a new design that has not yet been patented. It will be used as a postoperative treatment for penis enlargement surgery.


The only thing that i find disturbing about this web site is that the Dr’s name is Darren Gray

I just hope that this isn’t another feeble attempt for Darren for Penis-health to rip people off

Jelqers of the world unit and take over

Here is the only piece of information I could find, other than what is on this “mysterious” site that is not found in any Google search, is not registered with Whois and looks as if it was thrown together by a first grader. This thing stinks of SCAM or very poorly administered research. Too many flags popping up here for me to want to send these guys 50.00 bucks.

And the contact doesn’t even use a site email?? Or an organizational email?? Come on.…&hl=en&ie=UTF-8[/url]

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What I got when I emailed him


I am sending you all the same email. Some questions have come up that I
would like to answer. For starters, the device is not small enough to
fit under ordinary clothes, it is sort of bulky. Some people were also
wondering who makes the device, well I cannot divulge that sort of
information but I am allowed to tell you that the device might be sold
directly to doctors as a method for treating patients after they have
had certain kinds of penis enlargement surgery. Right now,
practitioners are forced to only recommend certain devices like the
Grip system and the Jes extender which are quite expensive. After the
trial is through, and it has been approved by certain medical boards,
this should happen. The device will most likely be available
If you participate, you will also (in addition to the workouts,
measurements and maintenance) be asked to keep a diary of everything
you do. YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO DO THIS. Although, it would be very

The following assessments must be made accurately and sent back to me.

Nationality (not necessary)
Full name
Address (country, state/province, city)
Postal Code
Telephone Number
Current doctor’s name
Height (in inches)
Weight (in pounds)
Hair color
Eye color
Current eating habits
Excercise habits (do you run, walk, lift weights, etc.)
Drug habits (how much tylenol, advil, aspirin, and any prescription
drugs you ingest per day on average)
Current flaccid length (exactly example 5.9)
Current flaccid width (” “)
Current flaccid circumference (” )
Current erect length (” “)
Current erect width (” “)
Current erect circumference (” “)
All of these measurements should be exact.

After these are sent to me, I will give you further instructions.
Unfortunately, we cannot ship anything (forms to sign or devices) until
we have 100 serious participants who have cleared deposits for the
equipment. Since we are doing this study from the internet, this is
sometimes difficult, so if you know of somebody would be interested, it
will help us get on with the study.

Thank you,
Dr. Gray


It better not be a Bib, or anything similar.


Hey guys,

I sent the Canadian Institutes of Health a couple of emails advising them that their name and logo were being used by this site and asking it if was in any way connected to them or legit. I have not heard back from them yet, I will post here if and when I do.

This thing stinks like week old fish, it has to be a ripoff. Send me a fifty dollar money order and good luck ever seeing me again or getting your money back. STAY AWAY!!!

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Make a Donation This place runs on donations, help out if you can. Thanks.


Didn’t you have some beachfront property for sale…..heh heh heh


All I did was see this same posting with web address of the power-jelq forum on the same website. I just copied the link and said look.

I was curious so I emailed the dude and posted the exact email that got to me.

That’s all.

Figured it would be of interest to all of us here. You decide!

Besides I bought a BIb Hanger off of Bib himself.

That’s all I know. TT


Was interesting to look at it!


Its always handy when ther's a stall....

We need at leat a hundred participants before we can send you anything…….

So you send off your cash and then they stall you forever saying they haven’t got one hundred participants yet……..

In my opinion……SCAM.

See Ya,


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