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last email from survey guy

I am very sorry but there is no survey. I am 17 years old and I want to
buy a bibhanger and I can’t afford it. I apologize.


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Damn I wish the guy’s that ripped me off were that Honest in a E-mail, Hey TT why did this guy/kid give you this info in a E-mail telling you that it’s a scam?


I have no idea!

I was just curious, but was just asking a question or two and bam! I get this last email.

People always said I was easy to talk to and tell me things in confidence, but this I don’t have a clue. I’ll chalk it up to luck.

I hope no body sent and money! If they did, look out!

I guess he cracked under some pressure of being posted on 3 forums at once. I don’t really know. I chalk it up to some kid playing a joke I think. Maybe a scam possibly.

Later! TT


That is the weirdest thing Iv’e ever heard of dealing with a scam! Glad you didn’t send in money and hope no other member’s did either!


I am a cheap ass now anyways. I have rent, tuition, and bills out the ass. I am also dating a ton of amazons, so I can’t even spare the 50 spot if I wanted to. Besides I have a Bib Hanger, that I have yet to really use anyways. I am a huge non comformist and would screw up any survey in real life let alone a fake one. LOL

I just no one got fucked with. It is cruel to play around with someone’s money and hopes of getting a bigger swantz. That is just to wrong! I think if it went through it could have cost some PEers they’re belief in this whole notion of getting a bigger swantz.


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