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Check this device out

Check this device out

I’ve finally decided to buy a hanger but because of the cards we have here in Romania I realized it’ll be pretty hard to obtain the bib hanger so I’ve searched to stores here for a similar hanging device.I’ve found this :…&user_id=0&sex=

A mini clip showing how this device works can be seen at :

Check it out and share your opinions on this. It costs 150 euro and it looks more like a stretcher than a hanger to me.
I’d like to hear the hangers opinion on this one because they can probably know if this can work or it’s just a scam.

I appreciate your input in advance.

Hi Matei,

I don’t like the looks of that thing. It’s way too expensive, looks like it grabs you dick with a noose around the glans (very dangerous), and it won’t simulate the stress applied that real hanging does. Thumbs down from me. :down:

I think I remember reading that Bib will ship internationally. You might be able to sign up for an international PayPal account and pay that way. It’s worth checking out anyways.

It would be worth emailling Bib, I’m sure he’d help you find a way to pay him.

As the P+, I haven’t heard anything good about it yet.

Lots of replies on this one

That thing isn’t anywhere near the equivalent of a hanger. It is an extremely overpriced light stretching device. Do a search here on ADS for more info. If you want to hang, either buy a Bib or make a decent hanger yourself.

You could e-mail Bigger to ask about possible payment methods. His address is

Don’t waste your money in this thing. Too expensive and I bet not very effective, either.

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

Hi Matei,

I got a Penis Plus,but with vacuum cups.It works fine,stretches well,but I don’t wear it too much,because my
metabolism is pretty intense,I have to always pee.Maybe its available.I live in Hungary.
I got a Bib,a Grip set with legstrap and a Power Jelq also.

Noose bad!!

I have seen a few other stretches on the market using that design that seem better made and cheaper but I don’t have a link. You might want to google penis stretcher.

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I have a noose type device like that…I used it twice.

My bib is my friend!

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