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Cheap Zinger offer


Cheap Zinger offer

Being in the UK, I never got around to ordering the zinc rods for the longest time as the postage was more than the rod itself. When I finally did, I thought I may as well get a few of them for other guys on this side of the pond. They arrived yesterday so I assembled my zinger.

If there is anyone here who wants to try this (preferably in Europe for postage cost reasons), then PM me an address and I’ll send a piece of zinc rod and tubing (you’ll have to find your own copper pipe I’m afraid). It’s entirely free with no strings attached (not even postage!) other than I ask you only request one if you’re genuinely going to use it and post feedback for everyone.

First come first served to avoid favouritism. There are currently 11 left.




Where did you get your zinc rod from??? Unfortunately, I’m on “this” side of the pond, otherwise I would love to have one.


Very generous of you. I have sent you a PM. I could send you some cut copper tube so you could send out complete zingers.

The "average size" is usually over-estimated. Small guys don't take part in surveys and big guys jump at the chance.

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Very generous of you too trigger! If you want to send copper then that’d me much appreciated, and I’d be happy to pass it on to the remaining members. Aside from yourself there are two other members already who will be trying this out, so perhaps they will contact you directly as their packages have already been posted.

BTW, the package will be immediately recognisable because it has the words “Acme big ball zinger kit for wrapping around your nads enclosed” (in big pink writing).

(Just kidding, there are no markings other than source address on or in the package).




The zinc and tubing came this morning.

All I can say is thanks a lot, I really appreciate this. I will be sure to keep you all updated.


Where would I be without PE?

Mine arrived just now, thanks Shiver.

I have had great trouble finding any latex tubing that would fit over the copper and zinc. I tried B&Q, Godfrey’s and three heating and plumbing suppliers in my home town. I took the copper pipe in with me and none of
them had anything flexible enough to be of any use.

One supplier recommended this place that specialised in hoses. It was over 30 minutes drive away, they had nothing in stock suitable but ordered a sample of PVC tubing.
When I went back the next week it was to rigid anyway.

So I am grateful to you Shiver.

What is the tubing made of? PVC? It is certainly not as flexible as latex but it is a good tight fit and I think it will be more secure.

It’s just standard PVC that I picked up from B&Q. Probably not the best thing for the job but at least it does work for now. I think latex would be better if you can find it though. The only advantage is that it won’t discolour of degrade like latex can with some substances.

I’m going to run with this zinger idea for 1 month to see if it does anything for me. If it has any merit then I’m going to silver plate the copper tubing and make a magnesium tube for the other side out of the larger diameter rods at McMaster (either on a lathe it down to diameter or smelt it depending what it looks like). I didn’t realise at the time that McMaster also sell latex tube, so next time I’ll order that too if I don’t find some locally.

Hey, if combing the zinc and magnesium, you’d very nearly have your own bolt on ZMA supplement :)

The PVC tubing is fine, may not be very flexible but at least it will last a hell of a lot longer than latex, as you say.


Where would I be without PE?

Yes I actually prefer the PCV tubing to the latex.

I was using latex and as you said it degrades after some time and becomes a loose fit on the rods. Mine came off while I was out cycling and I lost the zinc rod.

Thought I’d post my first update:

I wore the zinger for 3 days. I would subjectively say that testicle size is around +20% of normal. However, on the copper side I seem to have some irritation which looks like small cuts. Although there was no discomfort, I decided to stop for a while as I suspect the area might get really irritated.

I’m not sure of the cause of this, but suspect that it is because I’m using an over sized piece of copper tubing on the outside of the tube. Perhaps I could make this smoother than it is, but suspect that because it is loose the skin might be getting trapped. By the time Triggers copper tube arrives with the correct sized copper to fit inside the tube, all should be healed and ready to restart.

Missed this post.

Did you notice any difference in your flaccid state?

Trigger has mailed me some copper tubing and also some silicon tubing too. So I have yet to wear it, when the copper arrives though I’ll be wearing it immediately. I’ll let you know of any irritations, if I have any that is.

The copper being to big is probably what’s causing it, chafing with the skin or something most likely. I’m sure it will be fine when you get the copper.


Where would I be without PE?

Hey guys,

Triggers shipment of copper tube just arrived this morning, so I’ll get everything shipped out today to all those that I have the addresses for. For those that haven’t sent an address I obviously can’t ship yet.

There is just 1 unallocated kit for anyone else that is interested.

LateShinobi: I didn’t notice any particular change in flaccid hang, only that it makes your bulge look bigger due to the positioning of the ring.



Shipments have gone.

How do you wear yours, over both your cock and balls or just your balls?


Where would I be without PE?

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