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changing routine, please comment

changing routine, please comment

I decided I am ready to kick it up a notch after several months of patient success.

I used to do this:

5 days a week

5 min heat lamp
BTC stretch 5 min x 5
5 min heat lamp
30 min jelq
5 min heat lamp

I found that I am quite conditioned for clamping after a few 10 min tries every once in a while, and I just ordered a bibhanger.

So, now I want to try this:

5 days a week

5 min heat lamp
clamp 10 min x 3
5 min heat lamp
30 min bibhanger
5 min heat lamp

Do you think I can get rid of the jelq altogether, or should I add some jelq at the end? I want to try clamp before hang because I think it helps make things more pliable, at least, it feels that way.

Give me some CRITIQUE, :rofl: !

Starting Stats: 6" bpel x 5.5" eg Current Stats (2nd length goal MET!): 7.0" bpel x 5.5" eg 2nd Goal: 7.5" bpel x 5.75" eg BIG Goal: 8.0" bpel x 6.5" eg

I think you should break up the 30 minute hanging into two 15 or 20 minute sets. I don’t have a link, but a lot of posters here have mentioned that you shouldn’t hang over 20 minutes, I think because of the loss of circulation.

Also when I hang I use the IR light for the first half of the set, then turn it off. Kind of easing into the set as somebody told me. Example- hang 20 minutes, light on for first 10 minutes off for next ten. Jelq 5 minutes then repeat.

Let us know how it goes, I want to know if hanging and clamping in the same workout would work. Good luck.

Every man has moments of self doubt and adversity, but it is what each man does in these moments which makes all the difference.

I agree with rr, break up your hanging in 2x15 minutes

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