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Does anyone know if its best to change your routine up every couple of weeks.Thinking if a routine can get stale after awhile..

Mostly, I have heard “if it works, don’t change it until it doesn’t work anymore”

If you need to change things up to keep interest, then it would be best. For gains, the most important thing is to do the PE routine.

Good luck!

OK.Thanks.Its hard to tell if im overtraining or undertraining,any advice ..


What routine are you doing?

Any pain, numbness, odd sensations, erection problems?


If you are experiencing negligible gains, there are a couple of things you could try. One is to assuage your current intensity levels that you perform at, and maybe you should increase your intensity for the following sessions and note if you are benefiting from an increased intensity level.

Or, you are becoming very acclimatized to your techniques in your routine, and it is time for new stimuli, namely, new techniques altogether!

You could possibly become bored with doing the same techniques over and over, and this could lead to a drop in your focus and concentration, further leading to a ho-hum workout session. Now you are depriving yourself of a quality workout, one that should be progressive, but is now going nowhere!

PE takes time, though, and you have to give yourself a respectable time frame in order to pass judgment on whether certain techniques are working for you!

Just be aware of how your penis is feeling and responding to the exercises!

I am building a Canadian Maple for the lovely!

Thanks for the advice very helpful.For the past 6 weeks Ive been doing,afternoon 30min dry jelqsw/30sec squeeze every 10 reps.Then hours later doing 50 reps of squeezes.Evening doing 50 reps of bundled blasters[hot wrap 4min before and after sessions],1 or 2 days off per week. I havent been soar,no pain.Erection problem only when doing routine not during sex[have to keep getting myself erect during routines.] I I recently dropped the late afternoon session of squeezes for fear of overtraining,seems recently Ive been having some crappy sessions,Anyways,Thanks guys.


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