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Change your attitude and GROW!

Change your attitude and GROW!

This article is for guys that aren’t growing, getting little growth or going backwards!

You will find if you shift your concept of what you are trying to do, you can greatly improve your results.

Most of us approach PE with the attitude that “I’m gonna grow a big dick, no matter what I have to do, even if I have to beat my dick to death!”

The problem with that attitude is…if you are at all prone to over training, that is to say, if your tissues are easily traumatized…you are almost GUARANTEED to run into problems very quickly…

get nowhere or worse…go BACKWARDS!

What I propose here is to stop thinking in terms of growing a BIG dick, and aim for making a HEALTHY dick! [no soreness, great erectile quality,(which means frequent, hard and EASY wood!) and no injuries]

What this will do is actually greatly enhance your chances of growth.

Always remember, a beat to hell dick has little to no chance to grow.

A healthy dick has a much better chance to grow.

If you carefully maintain your healthy dick status WHILE you experiment with different PE routines, you will prevent getting very far into over training, and it will help keep you much closer to the “growth zone”.

Just remember a healthy dick and a growing dick are ONE AND THE SAME!

Don’t be tempted to abuse your unit under the misconception that you will speed up the growth process….it does the OPPOSITE!

Sparkyx,very sound advice.I am a classic over-trainer.I’ve recently cut back on all my PE.I was hanging 3 to 5 sets of twenty minutes with 12 pounds.Followed up with 3 twenty minute sets in the pump at 5 to 7 in Hg.The result of all that was a very sore dick,very poor erection quality,and a loss of sensitivity so great I could not orgasm while making love to my woman.Since I cut my routine back( hanging three 15 minute sets with 12 pounds,and 15 minutes in the pump at 3 to 5 in Hg to finish off,)my erections are rock hard again,my flaccid hang is better and my sexual pleasure is back.Unfortunately it hasn’t helped my discoloration at all but I can deal with that.:)

Zero trauma rules!

Great post sparkyx, a truer word was ne’er spoken…or something like that..:p

"Drilla Knows Ass" - Para-Goomba

Starter Pics/Clamping Pics

SparkyX. You are an inspiration.

I'm pissed of with my gains and loses. I've been doing this for more than 4 years. I keep measuring wrong and the next time I update my signature you will see impressive results.

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