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Change My Tilt

Change My Tilt

Basically my piece when fully erect does not stick out vertically (which is what I want it to be like) for a better definition, say when looking down at “it” and it is straight as a pole(that is 12o clock) now if the right side of your piece is touching your right leg(is 3o clock) your left side touching your left leg being(9’clock) my piece when fully erect is at 2 o clock, so how do you make it go to straight at 12.

I’d hit it real hard with a hammer.

Actually it sounds like you might have some scarring or different size chambers or uneven length on your ligs. My real advice would be to figure out what is going on. Then heat the affected area with IR and stretch the other way and see if it helps.

It’s not scarring but I think it is uneven ligs or chambers, but no way to tell which, what would IR do? And how long for it to make it even?

Originally Posted by outlaw_member
What would IR do? And how long for it to make it even?

IR makes the tissue much more pliable and elastic which allows you to permanently stretch it with less time/effort. There are limits to how far tissue can stretch (not far) of course which is why you can’t simply take an IR heat source and stretch your way to 10 inches. But I think in your case (assuming you haven’t created this condition by excessive unbalanced PE) you should be able to make a difference.

Just remember that you want to stretch the right side, not the left since it is the shorter right side which is pulling your penis that direction. If its the ligs then flaccid stretching would be fine. If not, then you will probably need a combo of flaccid and semi erect stretching.

As for how long…IR works very quickly and you would probably reach your max potential within a matter of 2-3 weeks. Whether it’s fixed to your liking or not is anyone’s guess.

Just put more time and pressure in stretching in the opposite direction of your curve. So at 10 o’clock. Jelq also but more towards the left side.

So with IR you can make quicker gains, and correct the tilt?


IR danger!

They’re called IR lamps, but part of what they do is radiate UV.
Please take caution and avoid unsafe exposure durations.


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Most guys aren’t exactly straight. Girls don’t really give a shit. And, I don’t think there is anything in PE that will work for that, honestly. Don’t worry about it. Just make it huge. Listen, some guys bend down, left, up, right, curve, etc.

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