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Center Shrinkage

Center Shrinkage

Hi this is my first post. I was just wondering if you have ever experienced this after swimming or just at all. I’m a swimmer and after practice when i’m changing i notice that the center of my shaft shrinks considerably and the rest stays basically the same size. Does anyone know what this is and what i can do about it?



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I used to get the hour glass shrinkage thing occasionally before I started PE. Hasn’t happened since. Perhaps it was caused by poor circulation.

ok thanks i’ll keep at it then

I’m not poking fun at you but i think that you could be the only man alive who does’nt know what shrinkage is. If it is way after your done practicing then it could be from exercise. I’m a runner and after a good run it shrinks about and inch.


He’s talking about a particular, strange kind of shrinkage where the middle of the dick reduces greatly in size, resulting in a very pronounced hour glass shape. It looks really funky and makes one wonder what the hell is going on.

Edit: Just wanted to add that kegels are an essential part of any PE plan and may be especially beneficial in this case.

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Now I feel dumb, i just asked one of my friends that swims and he said it is from the drag of the water pulling the blood into the head that makes it look that way. He could be wrong but that sounds reasonable to me.

I don’t buy your friend’s explanation. I had it, yet I didn’t swim. The odd thing is it didn’t happen in all shrinkage situations. There wasn’t really any rhyme or reason. Sometimes my dick would pucker evenly, and others the middle would constrict way out of proportion. Very strange.

Your dick has a layer of circular and longitudinal smooth (involuntary muscle) I believe what you describe occurs when a section near the center of the shaft goes into a contraction spasm more pronounced than the rest of your dick resulting in an area of constriction with relatively relaxed areas above and below.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

I’ve only gotten this hourglass effect after starting PE. The again, maybe I just didn’t notice the shape before because I only trimmed my pubic hair to better facilitate PE.

I get this sometimes after I urinate.

Its cool that there is a post about this. Before i started pe and till 2 month in i had this problem quite a bit. Nice to see some light shed on it.

thanks for all the info on this guys its very much appreciated

Yeah I get this too, I think it is important to get a erection after exercise like that. Also, it sucks for the showers.

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