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center girth

center girth

I am having some problems getting the center of my shaft to be the same girth as everwhere else. The upper is the largest, then the base is next, but the center just won’t get any bigger. Any suggestions? I am doing about 30 jelks, and 5 horses/dld blasters 5 times a day.

Try some horse squeezes or similar, squeezing from both ends towads the centre.


I have the reverse problem. Im bigger in the centre, then base, then below the head.

I mainly do simple squeezes. Choke at base, then squeeze below the head, then try strangle the sucker. I do about 5 sets of 20-30 sec strangles after my jelks. It got me to 6” girth at the centre to go with my 6” base from hanging, and 53/4” just below the head.

At least your dick does not look like a traffic cone like like mine does..

Head = 5.5
Under Head = 6
Midshaft = 6.5
Base = 7.25

I’ve been pe’ing the hell out of my trout for 9 months and would love to see some uniform girth on my shaft but nothing yet!


Are you doing 30 jelqs and 1 horse440 five times daily or 5 horses 5 times a day.Two handed squeezes as kebar has explained may help even things out.


what erection level do you use


Try some jelq squeezes, you made me laugh with that traffic cone comment.


Thanks for the advice Dino… I’ve tried jelq squeezes, horse and about everything else.. I’m gaining ground but slowly for sure… I’ve been on DLD’s secret sauce for three weeks now and am experiencing what I believe to be my first real gains (if ya count FSBPL)!

Glad ya liked my traffic cone comment.. I guess my girth is pretty good but my head in relation to mid shaft and base girth looks infantile… I keep telling my wife the way it is shaped is “perfect” for anal sex but she says otherwise…

Originally posted by regularwhiteguy
I keep telling my wife the way it is shaped is “perfect” for anal sex but she says otherwise…

Pissed myself with this one - top comment!



I use a 80-90% erection during my squeezes. I will have to kegal a few times to maintain the 90% state.


I do 30 jelks, and 5-8 horse440/DLD bends about 4 times a day.

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