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Cavernosal Alloderm Implants - Anyone Tried It?

Cavernosal Alloderm Implants - Anyone Tried It?

This is a newer type of surgery …

Usually when they do the alloderm implant its “pericavernosal” meaning it’s on the side of the corpus cavernosum (or under the skin lining the penis).

In the case of pericavernosal, the increase in the erect size is only 10%.

Now, in the cavernosal implant, they are actually surgically increasing the capacity of the corpus cavernosa to fill and you get an increase in erect size of 30-40%.

Anyone here heard of it or tried it?


Oh yeah, here’s a site of a doctor who does it:


It sounds pretty exciting since it actually increases the size of the cavernosa.

Some guys do these fat injections and I can’t imagine your dick feels hard after that …


Well if the tunica can be enlarge like that with lots of money spent and surgery and non natural inserts, well why bother?

If you can achieve the same with a few years of PE, for free, and without endangering yourself.

But then again it would be a lot easier than PE, so if you had the money then why not? Of course no one knows about the long term effects of such implants.

GEEZ, those dicks looked pretty deformed and lumpy after the surgery, I would never risk it until they come up with a better procedure.

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yeah, i’m not so impressed with the general appearance of the after pics. It looks like immediately after surgery, so maybe they will look better with time.

Most of them, their head looks too small (not proportionate) afterwards. What are they measuring with? It shows “10” something but it’s damn sure not 10 inches of girth. Metric i suppose.

I think i will hold off on having my dick sliced up. I felt sorry for some of those guys. I started feeling good about my little buddy.

Originally posted by drgmerlin

What are they measuring with? It shows “10” something but it's damn sure not 10 inches of girth. Metric i suppose.

Indeed, 10 cm flaccid lenght <.<


You only have one dick in your lifetime to enjoy. Surgery, while tempting as a quick fix, should be the absolute last option that one investigates. All you have to do are a few internet searches for penile surgery horror stories, and that should convince anyone to explore natural PE first.


Those pics were horrible:eek:

Get for Real

I would never ever consider surgery over natural techniques. Even if it takes years to achieve, I want only my own cells in my body. And besides, it feels good that you achieved a big cock after lots of hard work, not something fake.

There is also a certain pride one gets from natural penis enlargement. The time, patients, dedication make the whole process very rewarding. It’s like a work of art that is self-created. Something that is priceless.

An implant would be like a Gremin with a Mercedes emblem. Self creation is the real deal.

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