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CAUTION Using DLD Bundle Blasters! Don't get a twisted penis

CAUTION Using DLD Bundle Blasters! Don't get a twisted penis

Initially, I noticed the left side of my CC larger than the right one and it was tilted to the right. While erect I pointed my erect penis toward the mirror and noticed that it’s twisted. It’s not pointing straight out like it used to be. I am 100% positive that it is a result of doing too much DLD Bundle Blasters using too much pressure on my right hand that the other. You guys have to be very careful doing these because it could really fuck up your penis angle and might cause curvature problems later in life.

Even though I hate to do DLD Bundle blasters I am going to start going in the opposite direction of the twist. I’m hoping that it will resolve my issue. If you are a newbie reading this, or a veteran looking to try out DLD Bundle Blasters, I tell you DON’T DO IT!! Your penis was never meant to be twisted like a wire or a towell to make it longer as DLD claims.

Thanks for sharing your experience mike2002.

I agree with you that we should not be twisting our penis to get gains.

Did you gain anything from them, at the very least?

I tend to see any change in the penis (aside from skin gains) to be an indication that something is happening, at the very least. A glimmer of hope :D .

When I do those, twist my tool left and right and I switch hands.

I read that exercise, didn’t really fancy doing that exercise. By the way maybe you were just unlucky, plenty of people jelq in a certain way to create curvatures too.

I would never do at least 90% of exercises shown on DLD’s DVD. Most of them are crazy if you ask me. I remember that one where he literally ties his dick around his ball sack. That’s just crazy.

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Now • 6.50''x4.96''

Goal • 7.00''x5.75''

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