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cause of discoloration


Santa, thanks for expanding on your experience. It shows how much variation there is toward discoloring tendency. Along the same line, a few guys are extremely susceptible to thrombosed veins.

We’ve speculated about laser treatment. You’re the first I’ve heard from who has actually had it done. I’m glad it worked. I’ve gone the chemical peel route.

The laser surgery stuff is pretty expensive, and painful. There is numbing cream that you apply an hour before the procedure and that helps a lot. If anyone else wants to try it, after the procedure I recommend a few pain killers. After the first day, the pain subsides but you have skin missing on your penis so its awkward. The sores heel up pretty good in a few days and after a couple weeks you can PE no problem. Let us know how the chemical peeling goes.

BTW, I am going back to the same laser place in a couple weeks for some hair removal. On an earlier visit, the nurse mentioned something about prescription bleaching cream. I think I will ask for that and I will let you know how it works.

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Okay , I have a white skin , and the discoloration is like one red burning line 3mm wide.Every time I get an erection it is there and it burns .. it is like there is a blood underneath the skin that is leaking from somewhere.I got it recently .. but since the line isn’t that wide I wonder if it isn’t best to just leave it heal than fuck with my whole penis.

I don’t care much about discoloration, assuming that the pussy is blind.

My experience is that vac hanging is less dangerous than the bib.

My worst, and may be permanent discoloration came from pumping. I could not resist the temptation to check how big it could get (at 20” 19.5 cm - I was so amazed assuming that this, at least, is a goal that I will hit eventually).

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Originally Posted by hobby
I doubt Daboogies’ whitening lotion has worked, at least not in the sense of removing or preventing discoloration caused by PE. IIRC, his lotion is basically the same thing I use for hand lotion and as a lube for pumping, except his contains sunscreen and some hydroquinone. Hydroquinone inhibits melanin production. I tried it a few years ago with no effect. I’m pretty sure others here have too.,

The reason why these don’t work is probably that discoloration results from red blood cells migrating out of the blood vessels. In the tissue, they are macropaged, and degradation of the iron in the hemoglobin of the blood probably gives the color. Hard to see how to avoid this if not by primary prvention.

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