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Caught another Crotch Watcher...


Caught another Crotch Watcher...

…Or I should say she caught me, off guard, anyway :)

I was at lunch with two guys discussing business. This very attractive, slightly plump brunette walked in with some guy, and sat a table a few away from us, she was facing me. We made eye contact, and she gave me a pleasant smile, which I returned. I live in a small town, and I’ve never seen her before. She was wearing tight jeans, and looked good in them.

All through lunch, whenever I looked her way, it seemed she was watching me, and still smiling. As lunch progressed, I noticed she was sitting with her legs spread wide, like feet on the outside of the chair legs versus closer together in front of her. Her tight jeans were also highlighting a very hot camel toe, which I peered at occaisonally :) I looked up at her, and she gave me a sly dirty little smile back. It then hit me that my bulge was in full view for her as well.

We finished lunch before them, and when I got up to walk out, her eyes were glued to my crotch as I approached her table. When I neared it, she smiled up at me with a look on her face that would have been a pure invitation had we been in a bar environment, then back to my crotch.

I smiled a “different place, different time” sorta smile back at her, and went on my way.

She looked like the sort who would be wild in the sack. She had fuller lips that looked like they knew there way around a dick… A real screamer :)

Careful RB, flattering yes. But dangerous ground for a married guy, lucky fuck you!!

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Yes, I am very glad this incident didn’t take place in a different environment. This chick was prowling, for sure… I don’t need the temptation :)

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Nothing sexier than a woman saying “I want some of that.”



You seem to be averaging at least one crotch watcher per week! This never seems to happen to me. I’ve been aware of crotch watching since I started PE and always look to see if they’re looking. Nevertheless, I’ve only caught one lady at work that looked when I got up from my desk and walked towards her while sporting a (rare) long, thick flaccid hanger in my pleated trousers. There doesn’t seem to be many crotch watchers in my city (either that or I’m not going to the right places).

J Meister "Building a phallus worthy of worship."

J Meister,

They are everywhere. Women just know how to do it on the sly. I saw a comedian on TV that said:

“Men and women are different when it comes to checking other people out. When a guy sees a fine woman walking past him, he has to whip his neck around just to keep up. Then he has to make up an explanation to his honey as to why he did this. But men! Listen! You gotta watch your women! They’re slick when it comes to checking out other guys. And the sad thing is that you’ll never know. Hell, by the time you walk by the guy, she’s already got his number, address, credit card…”

Yo RB,

You wear lycra or something? Like when Randy Quaid had that “shock cock” wearing stretch pants in a supermarket in that movie “Quick Change”.

Becoming.... Godsize

Yeah really, RB. Your next crotch watcher post has to provide more detail on your clothing.

I have trouble catching crotch watchers, because to do so for the most part you have to be sneaky like them. Look away then check on them, they will not steal a look if they know you can see them looking. On clothing, light colors, low rise, flat front, and park him to the right side.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

RB-You must be quite a ladies man. I have had several look at me-probably because they saw me looking at them-never in the crotch though.Maybe I need to stick a sock or something down there

Originally posted by luvdadus

On clothing, light colors, low rise, flat front, and park him to the right side.

That sucks, because I always wear black and naturally hang to the left. Any reason why parking to the right makes it more noticeable?

*Looks up job listings in RB’s town*

Originally posted by BattleHymn
Any reason why parking to the right makes it more noticeable?

It’s just the way pants are made. When you look down, you’ll notice that the zipper flap is stitched onto the left hemisphere of the crotch area. There’s more room on the right for your ding-aling to shine its’ glory for all the world to see.

I would naturally hang to the left, I force him to the right.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Another idea is not wearing underwear. If i wear any at all I wear shorts underneath my pants (I do this to help keep my test. level high).

When you don’t wear anything its alot easier for them to see your member, but at the same time it could be unwanted when you see a hot chick and start rising to the occasion.

Going for 9


Either you have a really good eye, they want you to catch them or your watchers are not very sneaky ;)

Either way LUCKY girl for catching such a glimpse :angel:

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