Catch you around....

During the past 2 weeks, I’ve had some down-time from PE because of a lig injury. I decided to do a lot of reading & rereading about PE - especially the posts of DLD & Bib (the Deitel & Deitel of the PE world!). I put together a distillation of some of their most pertinent essays, as well as a compilation of some routines by big gainers, and now I’m armed to really hit my unit like never before.

My new arsenal contains no less than 15 length exercises (which is what I’m mostly focused on), as well as some clever manipulation of tunica/ligament approaches. I’m going to follow DLD’s suggestion of trying a daily routine - and if it’s too much, scale back a day. If it’s still too much, take off another day, etc. I’ve also taken into consideration some interesting theories on heat, as applied to training methodology.

I’m going to chart everything I do, in order to optimize my training experience (which, of course, I’ll later share with you guys - it’s only natural that I return the favor you have all bestowed upon me, selflessly offering up so much help & experience).

In the midst of all this, my wife recently got out of the hospital, and I’m now in attending intensive training sessions (all day long!) for a new job I’ve taken.


I’ll report back when I can….

Hoping for great gains for every one!

Over and out,

- wadzilla