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Casual PE


hrabia, fucking rained on my parade today, I am at work but forgot about this thread. Oh well, don’t see your response and you didn’t pm me, so no loss… :)

Whenever your ready my offer still stands…

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RB, it seems to me you have really made the best gains with the least amount of hours per week, that ive ever seen. And for some reason ive never really payed attention to that until now

<clicks off to RB’s progress report thread in search of his secret>


(insert bodybuilding is not PE disclaimer here)

I remember some old time work outs that would claim to add an inch to your arms in one day.

I never got around to it, but the trick was to do a couple sets for your bis/tris every hour, for an entire day (16 workouts). Not super-intense, only enough to get a maximum pump.

The next day, so the story goes, you’d have your inch.

Many brushed off the method, claiming it was just an exagerated pump…but this sort of method might have merit for PE.

Interesting, RB.


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Hey RB, havn’t had the time to post it on Friday, and figured out that it would be better to do it today anyway (so that I would not have to figure out how to PM you :) ).

Well, first my stats I guess. I am kind of ruler shy, but over time I think I got some reliable measurements.

BPEL 7.25”
BPFSL 7.75” (not fully flacid, but not fully hard stretch)
EG 5” (this is the hardest for me to measure)

LOT ~8

I have about an inch of fat pad, so my non BP is about 6-6.25”
I would like to get to 9”x6” BP, but will set smaller intermediate goals.

I can do about 2x15 minute session during the day. Sometimes I may be able to get about 20 minutes in the morning and/or evening. M-F only.

I currently do flaccid stretches and jelqes. Although, last week I only did stretches.

I probably forgot to give you some info, so ask if you have any questions.


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hrabia, If I were in your shoes, I would work for the length I wanted then go for the girth. With a LOT of 8, you still have length potential from lig stretching. I would concentrate on downward stretching, to the left, right and center, and even between the cheeks or at least under your legs and pulled back as far as possible until my LOT was 7-6:00. The majority of my pe would be this downward stretching, with at least 2-3 minutes of jelqing at the end of each stretching session to restore circulation.

Once my LOT reached 7-6:00, I would focus on tunica stretching, using fulcrum (A, V, Fake arm, whatever you like that feels effective) streching at various angles above my LOT. I would still only do a bit of jelqing at the end of each session to restore circulation. By the way, this is what I’ve been doing over the past 90 days, 20-30 minutes a day in 3-5 minute session M-F, and have gained over 3/4” BPFS.

Once you hit your length goal, you can work towards girth, and I would recommend learning all you can about Extreme Uli’s using the Bib Uli Thing.

Good Luck.

Twatteaser: the man, the myth, and the legend in his own mind.


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