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Captn's Wench

Captn's Wench

Just finished constructing Captn’s Wench. Found parts as instructed by CaptnHook (Velcro and Nylon strap in the arts and crafts area of Walmart, Grippers at Lowes in a different size (2) 4”x5” sheets) I could not find the clamps at Walmart but have scene them at Home Depot. I used a metal hose clamp with a nut driver for safety.

I have been hanging for three weeks using a home made device using poly tubing with 7 LB for 15 minutes. Wrapping with cotton wrap and a self sticking ace type bandage. ( still looking for theraband in my area MASS USA) I noticed the head of my penis was very purple and a little cold but it cleared up shortly after removing device. I tried the Captn’s Wench which was quite easy to construct and I increased the weight to 10 LB with the same method of wrapping and a hose clamp directly in the center of the device, tightened quite snuggly.

After 15 minutes of relatively comfortable hanging (much better than previous device) I removed the wench and I had very very slight discoloration at the head of my penis.

Thanks CaptHook for a great device.

Start 11/21/03 5” EBPL 4.75” EG
Recent Measurment 5.5” BPEL 5-5.25” EG I had measured 5.25” but I think it was taken to shortly after a heavy girth workout.

Sticking to length exercises for now as I think I tried to hard on girth at beginning and cause to much problems, penis became numb at tip and hurt for three days and I had my first problem with erection in 22 years. All is fine now after a four day break.

Hey there Archieone, welcome to Thunder’s Place.

Congrats on constructing your wench and the gains you have seen. The wench is a fine piece of equipment that should serve you well. I would try to find the cable clamps some more because they far superior to hose clamps. They make the process so much easier. If you can’t find the clamps or theraband locally, you can always buy them online. Check here for the cable clamps and here for the theraband.

Again, welcome aboard. I wish you continued success through your PE journey.

Wow Stevie…thanks again…this time for the Cable Clamp link. I still haven’t been able to find these little buggers up here in Canada. Our Walmarts and Home Depots don’t seem to have them anywhere…and believe me, I’ve searched. I’ve looked in the other stores as well: Canadian Tire, TSC, Home Hardware…nothing!

I’m using a regular c-clamp but it’s just too bloody bulky. Any other Canucks find Cable Clamps anywhere?

Hi Archie,
Stevie said it all when he stressed that you look for the cableclamp. The greater pressure that these clamps put on the sides of the Wench not only makes for a safer grip on the penis they also allow for better circulation to the glans. This is because there is greater room for blood flow at the top and bottom of your shaft with a cableclamp.

However, if this proves impossible you can continue to use the hose clamp and imitate the cableclamp by slightly modifying your Wench:

The easiest way to do this is to add a small layer of 1” x 2” ‘soft’ Velcro strips to both sides of the outer cylinder of the Wench directly in line with - or ‘behind’ - the internal grippers. If you are one of those who prefers to keep your strap on the outside of the cylinder its best if you place this “embossment” on the strap ends themselves because the strap ends should always be located directly behind the internal grippers.
How thick you make this embossment is entirely up to you. By simply layering one piece of “back to back” soft velcro on top of the other you can vary the thickness of this modification.
(If you need I will explain this in better detail)

The objective of this modification is to create a lateral emphasis from your hose clamp without weakening its overall clamping power. The pliable give of the Velcro strips should provide for both of these necessities.
If done correctly, this could make a hose clamp as effective as a cableclamp - if not more so because of the very subtle tightening/loosening advantage of a hose clamp. A small disadvantage is that a hose clamp cannot be put on or taken off as quickly as a cable clamp.
And frankly, it’s not as pretty.

Once you have figured this out and are using it, you will likely see even less discoloration due to the improved circulation you are enjoying.

>Thanks CaptHook for a great device. <

You are very welcome. I like Canadians



Before replying to my fellow Canadian, I wanted to take this opportunity to extend long overdue thanks and congratulations for all your work and ingenuity in creating the Wench and presenting it to Thunders. I admire your enthusiastic and scholarly approach to PE and appreciate your concern and advice to fellow members, much of which has benefited me.

I have been hanging comfortably with the Wench for several weeks now in the 5-8 lb range. By the way I have several times attached 2 medium Cable Clamps for a more secure hold but found it unnecessary at these lower weights, may revisit this if I move beyond 10 lbs in the future. Has anyone else found benefits to adding a second clamp for higher weight?

Have also made a PegLeg and will report day one results in another thread.

Thanks again CapnHook



I have found Cable Clamps at the several Home Depots that I checked out, but nowhere else, though they were not easy to locate within the store. At someone else’s suggestion, I printed out a picture from the original cable clamp thread (which has just been bumped) and went to the electrical aisle near the wire ties and asked an employee if they had the clamps showing the picture. In both stores they were able to immediately recognize the clamps and after a short search, direct me to an aisle with a bulk bin in the centre and 3 sizes of clamps. Try this and remember that you need the medium clamps for the Wench.

Good Luck

Cable clamps, theraband UK


I am trying to construct the captain’s wench myself but I have found it difficult to buy the cable clamps and theraband in stores here in the UK. I have found everything else at homebase, just in case anyone else is looking.

Any suggestions?



Thanks very much Tooco! I need to buy more velcro to construct my PegLeg so while I’m at Home Depot yet again, I’ll give it another search for the cableclamp.

I have tried the hose clamp….pretty scary getting a screwdriver that close to my personals though. (Although Captn, it seems to give me that, I don’t know, industrial look!)

Thanks Stevie31 and CaptHook

Thanks Stevie31 and CaptHook I am pretty sure I can get the clamps at Home Depot. Capt thanks for the update on why the cable clamp is better, after looking at your photo of the clamps I can see what you mean. As far as thera band I saw some to day but it was very thin it indicated it was medium strength. It was a long wide sheet color green. Is this the correct stuff.

Ahoy Canucks and Brits-
Just to be safe I am placing links to various Wench threads here. The name of this thread is so similar to the original Wench thread that I fear people may become confused.

To see how to construct a Wench visit this thread: - The Captn’s Wench

To view and post feedback on PirateSteve’s Peg Leg visit this thread: The Captn’s Wench: ADS

To view alternative supplies that may help you build a Wench see this thread:The Captn’s Wench: Alternative Supplies

Two clamps - never even considered it. Nice idea. You could feasably give one end or the other more or less grip should you desire it.
Another thing to remember is that you can scale the Wench down in size from 2” to 1 3/4” all the way to 1” - making a more shallow cylinder. This and/or trimming the 10” length of the cylinder often helps people work out tight/loose issues.
And thanks for the kind words.

Somewhere deep in the original Wench thread a few British members posted urls and retail outlets where everything can be found in jolly old England. Look for it in the thread somewhere around page 10-14 ?
And BTW- you don’t have to have Theraband to wrap with in order to use the Wench. It’s just a personal preference of mine.

That’s the stuff (one of the styles, at least). Cut it down into 2” x 10-18” strips. Cut carefully - scalloped or jagged edges on Theraband suck.
Another excellent thing about Theraband is that if you are using a heated rice sock you can get Theraband to “stick” to itself by simply placing the heated sock against the loose end when you are happy with your wrap. I’ve used this method whenever I have run out of scotch tape or I’m just feeling too lazy to reach for it.


Hi iknowican - Myself and others(as Cap mentioned) found the cable clamps in B&Q stores. If you don’t have one near you they are also on B&Q’s website(the link is in the original wench thread).
No luck with the theraband though. I am using a self fastening bandage I bought in Boots. This benefits me as I am using hard felt pads instead of the grippers (couldn’t find them up here) and this bandage holds quite well with the felt.
PM me if you need any details.


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Bruce Lee

Thanks for the information on the location of the velcro and strap! I went the other day and could not find those two items because I thought they would be in the hardware area.

Can you help me out with the specific location where you found the “Grippers” at Lowe’s? I haven’t picked those up yet, and I would like to prevent the time-consuming task of walking every aisle of my local Lowe’s store to find them. Thanks for your help.

Alright…Scotland in the house!

You are kidding, aren’t you? I would pay cash money to walk every aisle of Lowe’s.
Ask the cute blonde in the blue work apron. You never know what might come of it…

Originally posted by CaptnHook
You are kidding, aren’t you? I would pay cash money to walk every aisle of Lowe’s.
Ask the cute blonde in the blue work apron. You never know what might come of it… [/B]

I handed a cutie at a local lowes my original list (with thunders printed at the top) and she said if I told her what I was making she might be able to suggest alternatives (and she was a cute blonde in a blue apron) I believe I walked out of their with a raging hardon. God I love that place. I too could walk every aisle, in a heartbeat I could. Just give me the time and leave the wife and kids at home.

A pirates mistress is his boat mine would be Lowe’s or Home Depot.


You all are still missing the point... The story was great and all but should have ass (and) some anal in it.- RWG

>I handed a cutie at a local lowes my original list..she was a cute blonde in a blue apron <

That’s the very honey I’m trying to hook scwvualum up with. Weird!

Why with an adcenturous wife like yours you wouldn’t want to have her along in those deep, dark, cavernous aisles I don’t know.
(get a little lost in “power tools”?)


BTW - Your new name is 24 because that is the sum of 789

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