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Can't get an erection after years of PE


Can't get an erection after years of PE

Hey I’ve been PEing for a few years now, but I thought I had enough posts to post in the main member forum but apparently not, but anyways…

Before I get to my problem, I would PE a lot and little over the years. Meaning, I would PE every other day for a month, and then PE once or twice a week for a few months and so on. My dick would be plump and look bigger after each session and my EQ was high. Everything has been find until now.

I went back home from college in July and during that whole month I probably jelqed once because my parents were home and stuff, so I didn’t get the opportunity to have privacy for myself. So I basically took a break that month. And when school started again, I’ve been busy with school, work and other activities, so I didn’t get the chance to PE at college as well. In early September, I started to see that I couldn’t maintain an erection. I would get myself hard from jerkin off…but then if I stopped my erection would subside and go limp. I have also noticed that my flaccid is smaller than usual, like it’s the size of my pre PE size from a few years back. I then decided to do a jelq session hoping that I would get a good plump and get everything back, but it didn’t work and after the next day, I was back where I was. I took another couple weeks off from PE hoping that if I rested my dick, everything would get better, but it hasn’t. Even before this problem, I would take a couple weeks off from PE and everything would still be fine, but now my dick feels smaller, less plump and I can’t maintain an erection.I avoided masturbating and looking at porn for the past few weeks.

Do you guys think its vein leakage? Mental problems? Like before I would have no problems getting an erection and maintaining it and my EQ was around a 8-9. Should I do kegels everyday from now on? Or should I just take a longer break from PE?

If anyone could help, please respond. Thanks.


You say you’ve been busy recently with school, work and other activities. There is a big chance it has something to do with this.

Unless you started on some medication, stress would be the first thing to look at.

regards, mgus

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You looking at a lot of porn?

I mean I am pretty busy, but I’m not feeling stressed out. I’m only stressed probably a little bit maybe around like 10% stressed.

And also whenever I’m flaccid, my dick feels pretty cold and that’s never happened before.

Random Giant: I only look at porn when I PE. So during my 2 month break I’ve only looked at porn maybe once a week.

I’m thinking that you have a venous leak. I had the same shit. Does your glans sometimes when flaccid look like a darker tint? Maybe a little blue-ish? You lose blood quickly, that is the main point here, right?

Are you smoking at all? Drinking a lot? Out of shape?

Yes I would work on your kegels. You probably injured yourself somehow.

NBP, we changed the rules. You now need 300 posts before you can post in main (need to be a senior member)

I don’t know what to suggest for the issue you are having, you may want to go see a doctor about this. This isn’t usually normal for guys. Might be a circulation issue you are unaware of. A cold dick isn’t normally a good thing.

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invictus: I don’t drink that much and I don’t smoke. My glans isn’t a darker tint, it looks the same as before.

One of the sessions that I’ve done during my break, I did some wet jelqing and some clamp sessions. But these PE sessions are the same routine I’ve done for months and months. I wet jelq for around 20-30 miniutes, and clamp for 10 minutes for 3 sets.

Could clamping or jelqing cause venous leak?

Most definitely my man. All i’ve done is jelqing/manual stretching. I damaged myself due to jelqing. My grip was way to tight, and I was doing like 350 reps when I should have been chilling out. I’m not sure that this is what caused it but pretty sure.

invictus, what was your treatment for your leakage?

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To be honest, my doctor told me that the options for treatment aren’t that great. I probably only had a mild leak, so no tests needed to be done. He could have thrombolozied the vein, he said, but surgery for venous leaks almost always ends up in new veins being created or something.

After doing research on Thunders, I am treating it. I really don’t know how bad it is right now but its not that bad. But I was prescribed Cialis/Viagra from my Doc and ordered some generic tadalafil from an online pharmacy. I exercised my BC muscle like crazy which, it is huge now (contributed to my overall girth as well).

Also, I stopped masturbation hard/so much and PE sessions went from HEAVY sessions to LIGHT sessions. My doctor thinks I might have damaged my unit through PE, my ex-GF being too rough, or bad masturbation habits. But since we didn’t do the test we can’t be sure it was a venous leak. But i’m pretty sure.

Just Curious Invictus: What would be considered bad masturbation habits by your doc? I’m wondering if I fit into that category or not.

I'm consistent in spurts, but gains are undeniable!

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Jerking off too much, too hard, without lube, being rough, desensitizing so you can’t feel pain as easily (pleasure as well). Also my ex was really rough with my dick and when she would jerk me off she would really squeeze my dick and grip it really hard (I liked it) so this might have damaged as well. By the tone, you don’t have very good masturbation habits. It might sound weird to hear but you gotta improve it. I was also jerking off after PE sessions of 300 hard jelqs and that just wasn’t working out for me. It was taking blood away from penis that I needed.

I think thats some advice all members should realize. I think severely toning down my masterbation habits is the final piece of the puzzle for me. LOL, I imagine all of us struggle with that problem.

Sorry to hijack Needabiggerpenis. Hopefully, this adds input to your issue as well. If your like me perhaps yours is a psychological issue and you perhaps satisfy yourself too much, too often and like me, you need to tone things down a bit to get answers.

I'm consistent in spurts, but gains are undeniable!

2007: BPEL 5.5" / MSEG 4.7" / BG 5.5"

2017: BPEL 6.8" / MSEG 5.3" / BG 6"

I read that PE can eventually lead to erectile disfunction. Hearing this doesn’t makes me pretty skeptical about the journey I am embarking on.

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