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Can't get an erection after years of PE


Correction: This does make me skeptical.

Originally Posted by donpatch84

I read that PE can eventually lead to erectile disfunction. Hearing this doesn’t makes me pretty skeptical about the journey I am embarking on.

If there was any scientific data to prove it causes ED I’m sure PE would be more mainstream than it is. Save a few people who discovered PE before it was talked about, there likely isn’t much more than a theory it causes ED. Especially when done properly with regard to injury prevention.

I’m sure PE could cause ED…IF you fucking do it wrong! Of course! Football is fun and so is working out…but you’re not gonna tear an ACL or MCL by just walking down the street…if you get what i’m saying. If you don’t learn how to hit right, or take a hit right, you’re gonna get hurt.

Doing PE right, properly, and SAFE will not give you ED. Chronic masturbation with bad technique will. Smoking will. There are a lot of reasons actually.

I’ve read what the past posts about bad PE habits. For the past year and a half, I’ve actually toned down my PE habits. Before I would warm up, stretch then jelq for an hour and then clamp for almost 20 minutes at a time. When I discovered I had some discoloration, I toned down my routine to warm up, stretching and only 30 minutes of jelqing and 3 sets of 10 minutes of clamping and warm down and that would be it. I’ve done that routine for a year and half and it seemed to be working fine. Also, I made a conscious effort to loosen my jelq grip and make the jelq duration to 10 seconds each. But now I don’t know what’s happening to me. After I took a break from summer, it seems my penis health got worse for some reason. I’ve taken almost 2 months break from PE with only 3 sessions of PE that I routinely do.

So I don’t understand what’s happening to me. Maybe for some reason my testosterone levels are decreasing? I’m 21 years old. So, I’m not sure that would be it.

Do you have to think about getting an erection? I read you saying you had to whack it to keep hard, but you didn’t mention if these were random hard ons, or something you had to work at to begin with. At your age I can only think stress must be getting in the way.

Go see a urologist if your really concerned man. You only get one penis right?

Yeah good point. The weird thing is that I get morning wood most of the time. But then it dies when I go take the piss. But yeah I need to jerk off to get an erection and I don’t think I can get random ones anymore since the problem started 2 months ago.

Well since I haven’t PE’d in a while, do you guys think I should just do some VERY light wet jelqing and no clamping and see what happens to my cock? Or should I rest even more? I mean right now I can still have sex but I can’t last that long and my cock still feels a little colder than usual. So should I start jelqing some blood into my cock and see what happens?

It could just be that you’re getting older. I don’t get erections like I used to, I think in part because I’m just not as horny. Sometimes when I fantasize during the day I get pretty damn hard… when I wank it though it’s not always that hard.


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