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Can you imagine this?

Can you imagine this?

I would like to stretch but it just kills my arms, especially as some of my PE is post gym workout. So I am thinking of a device, something that I can attach to my dick (not weights) and that stretches. I was thinking something along the lines of an expandable rope with a hook on the end (I know what they look like , but don’t know the name) to which I can attach to my dick whilst I sit and watch TV. Can anyone picture this?

Regards rolo

I stretch with a locked elbow joint whilst sitting so the main muscular usage is in maintaining the grip. Force is provided by leaning forward. It still requires the use of muscles but it seems a pretty efficient way of doing it. How do you stretch rolo?

Rolo try this

When I started doing manual stretches I found I could get a better more consistence stretches if I would plant my hand on the bathroom counter, then I would use my body to pull away.
This works great for straight out pulls.

For the side pulls I would pull as far as needed to get a good pull going and then plant my hand on the side of my leg. This works fine on both sides and you can use both hands to hold it there if needed.

For pulling up I plant my hands on my stomach while pulling up.

My arms don’t fatigue out, but my hands can still get tired.

I have not found a good why of taking the stress off my arms yet when pulling down. Maybe one of the advance guys around here have solved this. :o )

That’s just my two cents worth.

Pulling down

Try the “fulcrum stretch.” Reach behind your leg and grab your dick. You get good leverage from your forearm resting on your butt/hamstring.

Hey guys,

I guess i just want something which does not require physical and also something which does not prohibit me doing something else. I have stopped stretching altogether and just pump and jelq. I simply used to pull up wards and out wards by the head, it was a good warm up but not worth the effort. Can any of you picture the kind of contraption I have mentioned?

Regards Rolo


Hang weights. Manual PE requires work.


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Ubergoober, judging from all the guys that are gaining it may seem the only alternative. Once I move out I will definitely look at this.

Regards Rolo


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