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Can you do it more then one time in a road


Originally Posted by Luka89
I have a good question for all of you PE-ers. I know it’s possible for us guys to ejaculate 2 times in a road, and not to stop fucking just keep on going. I’m only interested who of you can do that? And can you train that? By the way I’m not talking about ejaculating and heaving a 5 min brake!! I mean just go, go, go.. Some people say the didn’t even change the condom and they didn’t get flaccid when the ejaculate. They keep a hard one one and just charged more. I can’t get it out of my mind! How can some one do that? Any of you did that and how? I’m very eager to see you’re re-posts. I hope you get my question!? Ohh yes one more thing, I don’t know if any one asked this question so don’t be pissed at me!

I can , it just happened when edging , I spilled some juice but kept going and then spilled some more 10 min after , and the record was about 3 times.

But obviously I didn’t empty up and kept going , it’s superhuman to do that if you can do it you SHOULD go work in porn man

Yea I have done it many of times. It was said before once I nut, I do not feel like having sex any more.

Hi um my erection is 6inches and flop is 5 but I want 8 erect help me make a

Excercise plan

When I first got married I could orgasm and just keep going strong. I wouldn’t lose erection, I wouldn’t need a break. I would still be horny.

During my honeymoon we were doing it 9 times per day. Of course that was about 10 years ago.

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