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Can the dorsal penis vein inhibit PE?

Can the dorsal penis vein inhibit PE?

I am noticing that my large vein that runs along the top of the penis seems like it is too short and not allowing much stretch during my warm up and jelqing excercises. My member curves to the left and I first thought this was the reason I had difficulty bending it to the right. After a few months now, it is clear that if the vein was a bit longer, I would get a much better lig stretch both downward and to the right. Now I am wondering if it will limit any or all my gains (ie: length, girth, cavernosa, spongiosum, etc.)?

The vein is commonly below the superficial fascia and above the deep fascia just beneath the dorsal or top skin of the penis and between two arteries. The pain I feel when I stretch it is more in my groin than at the base of my dick. Does anyone have any experience, advice and/or information with this? It’s really bugging me. If I’m not giving enough info just let me know and I can explain further.

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Originally Posted by Osseous
…After a few months now, it is clear that if the vein was a bit longer, I would get a much better lig stretch both downward and to the right….

The vein (or artery) will take care of itself and will not get in the way of lig stretch. It doesn’t need to be longer or shorter because you are working ligs, not veins. As you proceed with PE it and others may become more pronounced. Don’t worry about that. Take it as a good sign that your penile vascular system is becoming more efficient.



The comparison between veins to ligs is like rubber bands to fan belts. The veins are not stopping anything.

Avocet and Gprent:

Thanks for the reply, but I can see the vein being pulled away from my groin and have pain when I pull in the opposite direction. The vein travels to the left into my leg and everytime I stretch too much downward or to the right, I can see that vein being pulled taught. It hurts also; different than PE pain and in a bad way?

I’ve not heard of that happening in PE. If you’re getting pain, obviously something’s out of whack.

You sure you don’t have a small hernia in your groin?



No hernia - I just think the vein is the problem and is why I wanted to pose the question to everyone else? Maybe I can post a pic if I get a chance?

I know what you are talking about. At certain angles of stretch this vein becomes my limiting factor and it is very uncomfortable. I just avoid these angles altogether. There are too many ways to stretch the penis to let this get in the way of PE.

I don’t have a very vascular penis, at least in appearance, so I don’t really have much experience with the pain when stretching the vein, but whenever I jelq, I fell a sharp pain in the larger veins that are visible on my penis.

Starter - yeah, I feel the veins during my jelq session also, but that is from max filling of the vessel (as in outward expansion) and not from a pulling on the vein from its origin.

Ramrod - There is a large venous vessel that runs along the top of I believe every penis which is the vein in question. I’m not sure what you mean by “septum” unless you are referring to the urethra which is the large duct-like structure running along the inferior or bottom length of the dick.

Well at least I know Mugwomp has had a similiar experience. After PE today I looked at the vein in the mirror while stretching it. I figured if I trimmed a little more, I could snap a shot of it so people might get a better idea of what is going on there.

Maybe the septum is actually the “tunnel” in which this vein resides. The “tunnel” appears to be made of hard and fibrous compounds.

This tunnel would be the ridge in between the CC’s.

On me this seems like the limiter. However at this limit, it does appear that the “vein” which feels hard and fibrous pops up and I can see it through the surface.

Well veins can be stretched can’t they?

Whatever it is ,vein or septum,you should still be able to work on it right?

Makes sense to me to just slow down and lower the intensity and that part should catch up to the rest of your dick;)

I’m no expert on physiology, but it seems to be that the septum wouldn’t even be visible at all.

The septum is actually part of the Tunica, and it separates the two CC’s. That’s pretty deep inside the penis, and there are other fasciae which envelope this. There are plenty of veins, too, outside the Tunica.

I don’t think we’d be able to see the septum. We’d see the deep dorsal vein first, and that is too deep to see.

I think what you guys are calling the septum is actually something else, maybe a hard vein or the superior dorsal vein.

Please, someone with better knowledge of this stuff, correct me if I am wrong.

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The dorsal vein pops up, when it’s stretched to max extension. If you run your fingers along it, you do feel hard and fibrous,
But I do believe your feeling just below the vein, which is a hard and fibrous ridge between the CC’s ( septum ).

Most of us thought this vein was a hard and fibrous compound, but I believe were feeling the septum just below it.

Kinda like feeling a vein on a hard forearm, if you push on it will feel hard, but your feeling the muscle underneeth.

I’m sure the story is different on a bodybuilder who has some veins grow to the size of a pinky in thickness, so the vein will have some squish on it.

In any case, some point in PE it appears if you look back through years and years of thunders posting, that people are questioning what is a septum, is this my limiter, dorsal vein and dorsal nerve talk and confusion.

If you are going to lengthen the tunic(a), you have to lengthen the septum.


Yo. Ok, thanks for clearing that up.

There is a lot of stuff on the dorsum of the penis: nerves, veins, etc. It’s a pretty vulnerable part of the penis.

Also, when the penis is erect, the dorsum actually becomes soft; it’s called “delamination”. I guess there’s no real point to what I’m saying here, other than that people should be careful with the dorsum. I injured mine a way back, and it was a stressful experience to put it mildly.

Maybe my dorsum is messed up, which is probably why I’m having a hard time understanding/relating to what you guys are talking about - my dorsum is unusual. :)

Nor have I ever felt my own septum, but I have felt a lot of other things on my dorsum; this is why I thought maybe you guys were feeling something else.

Anyways, ciao…

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