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Can somebody help me find an exercise?

Can somebody help me find an exercise?

I’ve been reading a lot of people recommending “extreme ulis” as an excellent girth exercise.

But I’ve done a search, had a look through the FAQ site, but I just can’t find the thread that describes how to do the exercise.
Can anybody help me out, please?

I’m a relative newbie, so i’ll fill you in on my progress so far.

I started on the 17th March, so I’ve been doing this for almost 5 weeks.
My erect girth doesn’t appear to be changing, started at 5”, still the same.
My BPEL has increased from 8”, to nearly 8.75”,……apparently that’s quite good progress isn’t it?

I do one day on, one day off. I’ll elaborate on what I’m doing at the end of the month if I make further progress.

Thanks to the really good people who give such good informed advice.

You could try here: Ulis

Although no exercise with the exact name “extreme uli” comes up there, it does have many uli variations that are popular.

This may also be of some help, but to be honest these links are just coming from basic searching!

Extreme Ulis

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Just a word of advice: I would give PE a little more time before you start on something like Uli’s. They are pretty intense and its better if your penis is conditioned to PE. I would do two days on, one off and one of the on days do 70% erect jelquing for girth. If that doesn’t work I’d go to Uli’s after a few months. Be patient. I was skeptical (obviously) but the results eventually came after about 8 weeks.


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