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Can I make a cable clamp more comfortable?

Can I make a cable clamp more comfortable?

I’ve been using a cable clamp fora couple of days now but its really pinches the skin at the bottom of the penis….

Is there any way to wrap somethin or similar to make it more comfortable to wear…?

You would first have to post some pictures or describe how you are using the cable clamp. What wraps are you using, size of clamp, what is your girth. Have you tried some lubrication?

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You need to wrap

Wrap with what?

Tell your penis to pull himself together..:D

Alternatively try:

Mousepad rubber

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I use a folded up Kleenex. It doesn’t take much padding to protect yourself from pinching.

I use a wrist band, you know like for sports.

It has made the cable clamps alot more comfortable for me.

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I know this sounds funny but I use some really soft charmin toilet paper; hey, if its soft enough for my ass its soft enough for my schlong.

I use a little thin piece of bandage.

I’ve used to toilet paper in the past, it works. You don’t really need much, just something that acts as a barrier between the clamp and the skin.

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